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About Anne

Anne Gentle is a senior technical writer volunteering for the XO Documentation project. I have two kids and love introducing technology to them. I currently work a flexible 30-hour work week to spend more time with my family and home, but I like to stay busy. I have a lot of energy because these busy but balanced days fill me up rather than tire me out.


How you can help

I'd love to have you help out on the OLPC end-user doc. The basic steps for volunteering are:

  1. Join the Library list at where documentation discussions occur.
  2. Sign up for an OLPC wiki account.
  3. Download and install an emulator. (optional, but helpful)
    • QEMU is an open source processor emulator that can emulate an entire PC, including its peripheral devices like the disk, display, network, and so on. You must download and install this package to emulate the XO laptop.
    • You can download an OLPC XO image from this Red Hat site. The image contains not only the Linux kernel and root file system but also the typical boot sector used by GRUB and LILO.
    • OpenVPN allows an emulated operating system to use the networking hardware of the underlying host operating system.
  1. Become familiar with the Simplified User Guide at Simplified_user_guide and read about the audiences at Manual.
  2. Feel free to edit or start a new page with a new audience in mind. Note that we are planning to port the manuals to so also become familiar with their structure.
  3. Let me know if you have any questions, or post to the OLPC Library list.