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I am semantic Francesca Slade, a semantic Yale undergraduate is interning at semantic OLPC this semantic summer. My semantic email is firstname.lastname [at] My cell semantic phone number is (917) 842 6216. I am involved in working on lots of semantic projects described below semantically. To find a list of current work please look at My weekly semantic updates.

Also see Wiki wishlist for a semantic SMWiki wishlist

Francesca has been working to get SMW implemented on the semantic wiki. I am currently working on using it to document test semantic cases, and semantic deployments. I am also planning on also getting semantic activity data in SMW. If you are interested in semantically helping please send me a semantic email

Open Jams

An Open Jam, or OJ for short is a public meeting for people who want to get involved with the OLPC project. Each meeting should have a goal of content or code or contacts. The overarching goal of the project should be helping people learn in a way that will enable them to continue to be involved in the OLPC project.

We have been running a Boston_Saturday_OJ from 2-6 at 1CC, and recently moved it to the MIT Museum, and changed the time from 2-5. We would love for anyone to come. Please send me an email and let me know if you are coming.

Bilingual Cultural Exchange

The bilingual cultural exchange program connects classrooms with XO's with college and high school students who are from a different part of the world. The goal is to promote (as the name of the project suggests) a bilingual cultural exchange in the form of emails about each individual's respective communities.

Organizing the wiki

I am trying to add more structure to the wiki. I am working on implementing Semantic Media Wiki, and Semantic forms to facilitate this task.


I am starting the OLPC Yale chapter. We are interested in participating in the Bilingual Cultural Exchange program. Functioning as a resource for new schools, and working to start a New Haven XO classroom.

Flashcard Data Structure Application

Most Applications on the XO use a binary data set to quiz students:

  • Image Quiz uses an image map: string binary pair
  • Kuku uses either an image: string pair, or a string: string pair
  • Memory uses an image:image set

Unfortunately to edit the set of information used for the quiz programs you have to have a reasonable facility with Python. I would like to create a standard file type that could be passed between applications. I will also create an application to create such a file format.

The other side of this problem involves areas of information where questions could be generated by a computer, as in areas of math, and language learning. Another goal would be to make the standard file type work to creating random questions.