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I manage the OLPC Learning Club which meets monthly in the Washington, D.C. area. Consisting primarily of first-round G1G1 users, the group attracts kids, teens, parents, adult enthusiasts and even seniors. We meet on the third Saturday of every month at the Gallaudet University Student Academic Center or the Arlington Career Center. There are also random meetups, salons and parties.

My day job is at AARP Headquarters in Washington, D.C. where I am one of the directors of the team that operates the public web site Part of my job involves acting as AARP's liaison to the MIT Media Lab where we are a sponsor. That's how I came to know Walter Bender and Nicholas Negroponte and followed their move to OLPC.

I live in Wheaton, Maryland, just north of the D.C. beltway with my wife Amy and daughter Cianna. My wife loves technology too and worked recently as a web director at KaBoom! which builds playgrounds all over the U.S. Cianna (born Nov. 2003), when presented with a lineup of laptops consisting of the Asus Eee PC, Intel Classmate 2 and the OLPC XO-1 said, "I like the green one!"

My OLPC-related Projects

  • Co-organized Scratch Day 2010 in Arlington, VA
  • Provided consultation to software producers from LEGO Education on implementing a robotics product on the XO laptop.
  • Collaborating with Jane Meyers of the Lubuto Library Project on ongoing deployment of XO laptops in the project's physical library buildings in Zambia. This initiative has been funded by the Gates Foundation through eIFL.
  • Operated OLPC & Sugar Labs advocacy booth at the TedX MidAtlantic 2009 conference in Baltimore.
  • Co-founded Sugar Labs DC with Jeff Elkner and Kevin Cole Sugar Labs DC. Sugar Labs DC released a beta of, TimeLapse, its first activity, in January 2010.
  • Co-organized Scratch Day 2009 in Arlington, VA
  • Helped to develop and deploy inter-generational curriculum for 20 XOs during summer and fall 2008 for Generations, Inc. in Boston, MA.
  • Have done presentations on the XO at embassies in D.C. and on Capital Hill for Nicholas.

You can email me at

  • curiouslee [at] gmail [dot] com
  • mikelee [at] laptop [dot] org
  • mike [at] dc.sugarlabs [dot] org
  • mslee [at] aarp [dot] org

You can find me online at

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