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  • G1G1 donor 2007
  • Introduced to OLPC via Lilug (sp. by J5's demo at LILUG)
  • XO received on 2008/Mar/21 and it survived graduate school
    (a bit dirty and the battery life's reduced a bit, but otherwise intact)
  • 2010/Mar/01: Overhauled this page.
  • 2010/Jun/09: Added "Notes" section.
  • 2010/Sep/04: Added bootable SD how-to for release 10.1.2

My Setup


  • XO-1
  • 16GB Transcend SDHC card, model number TS16GSDHC6.
    • Confirmed as a working and bootable device
    • Geometry: 137 heads, 39 sectors/track, 5873 cylinders
    • Performance: ≈48MB/s read, ≈1MB/s write (Class 6)
  • Model S Das Keyboard
  • picoLCD


  • Release 11.2.0 (Build 874) on NAND
  • Fedora 14 Live (i686) on SD


Notes to Self:
Things to do, ideas to try out, and stuff I doubt I'd ever get off the ground. Might be worth reading, but nothing significant will be found here.

Notes in Progress:
Things that are being done, tried out, and are either getting off the ground or imploding majestically. Don't rely on anything you read here.

Snippets that I tend to repeat on several pages (effectively user templates):




8.0.2 (Build 821)

10.1.2 (Build 852)

10.1.3 (Build 860)

11.2.0 (Build 874)


Don't rely on these documents - they're slated for deletion.


  • 2009-09-03
    Battery stopped working, but the XO still functions on AC adapter.
  • 2010-01-07
    Battery springs back to life of its own accord. I have no idea why.
  • 2010-03-25
    Battery again stops working. Since the XO has been unplugged and unused for the last three weeks, it's possible that the battery has discharged to the point that the XO cannot recognize its presence. Leaving the XO on and plugged in seems to have cured the battery detection problem, but the underlying cause remains unconfirmed.