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Please tell us what Content Bundles would you like to see on the 100$ laptop.

Ideas for new bundles

(Add your ideas into the list. It is very helpful if you include the URL of the data that should be added into the bundle.)

  • human body, anatomy and physiology
  • astronomy, solar system, planets, comets and constellations
  • rivers, lakes and oceans
  • rocks and minerals
  • currencies (bills and coins)
  • languages (human and computer and constructed and fictional)
  • vehicles (human- and fuel-powered)
  • dinosaurs
  • bugs (ants and beetles and spiders and mosquitoes and flies)
  • musical instruments, composers
  • games children play around the world (with rules if possible)

Ed Borasky, December 2, 2007: a couple of years ago, I discovered the collection of software at FreeDuc. This is a remastered Knoppix LiveCD. I led a session with version 1.4 for our company's "Take Your Child To Work Day" and it went over well. The link is There's a newer version, 1.5, which is designed for primary school students, at

Bundles with information for school subjects

(These bundles could be divided into several bundles. Each school year could have separate bundle. It would be good to assemble the contents of these bundles with help of the real teachers and give them possibility to update the bundles. The material can have the structure of a real textbook. Content should be translatable into other languages.)

Content bundle can contain between 50 and 1000 html pages or 200 fullscreen photos. Size limit is 20MB. We are working hard to make more bundles. We have already about two dozen bundles in various languages prepared for kids.