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I am a PhD student living in Czech republic. I have a lot of experience with IT and management. I am working on a project that has dictionaries for more than 60 world languages. Here is my personal page

Content bundles

I am working on many content bundles for the XO. If you would like me to build a new content bundle for the XO please Submit your ideas

Here is a list of content bundles I have already prepared:

  • abridged_wikipedia - English, Spanish, Portuguese
  • animals - English
  • bible - English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swahili, Thai, Chinese
  • childrens-library
  • classical_music_midi
  • famous_paintings
  • featured_pictures
  • games_nes
  • koran
  • olpc-dictionary
  • web_design
  • wikibooks
  • wikihow
  • wikislice-chemistry - English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
  • wikislice - English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, French, Russian, Romanian
  • wikislice-physics - English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
  • world_factbook

You can try all these bundles at and download them from

USB measuring units for the XO

We are working hard on a special hardware that will allow kids to use their XO to measure various things. It is possible to use the USB ports to connect many sensors and display results on the XO.

USB measuring devices for the XO - technical details

OLPC dictionary

I have started to develop a dictionary of basic meanings for the OLPC project. I think language education is very important and kids have to have a good dictionary so they can learn foreign languages. The dictionary I am working on is very special because it is not just a bilingual dictionary but connects all languages in the system. It contains definitions, synonyms, sound files and images. Preview version of the dictionary


  • Contains set of 1700 most important concepts
  • Each concept has a definition in English language
  • Entries of the system are sets of synonyms
  • One or more images can be assigned to each concept
  • Sound files with pronunciation can be assigned to each word
  • IPA pronunciation and hyphenation can be assigned to each word
  • The dictionary can contain large number of languages (for example 50 languages)

I have collected screenshots of about 50 different dictionary applications . It takes to analyze these dictionary applications to create ideal dictionary applications for the kids. The application has to be easy to use yet very powerful.

Features of the dictionary application:

  • Easy to use
  • Searching is very fast
  • Ability to display HTML formatted content
  • Ability to download updated data from the internet

I am working with many users from all over the world. The entries in the dictionary of the basic meanings have to be edited to make sure they are correct. If you know reliable people who can help to edit/review entries please contact me as soon as possible. Our system contains entries for more than 60 world languages so it takes tens of people speaking tens of different languages to review all these entries.


Here is a list of New Ideas I have for the One Laptop Per Child project.


You can contact me on:

My project

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