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  • LAN port with waterproof cap that protects it
  • optional version with normal keyboard
  • laptop version for end users that they can normally buy everywhere
  • version with more RAM and more NAND memory
  • second generation of the laptop with larger display, faster CPU and more memory for higher price


  • several OS images
  • prepared images for installing ubuntu, gOS, slax and other linux distributions normal users do not enjoy sugar
  • preconfigured skype, miranda, open office and other normal applications that would allow users to use XO to work with it
  • write drivers for windows so the XO can be used as a portable memory, webcam and wifi AP when connected to other computer via USB
  • adobe flash in default install
  • midi playback in default install
  • option to choose between sugar, fvwm, icewm etc.
  • software for editing video and audio files
  • package management system - users have to have the possibility to install and uninstall software packages


  • schools can use satellite dish to receive data from the satellite, it should be easy to write a program that would receive updated content from satellite and save it on the school servers
  • XO has to be compatible with other computer software - IRC, ICQ, Skype, Email etc


  • offline html Gray's anatomy from
  • photogallery of most interesting places of each country
  • logical flash games
  • hierarchy of problems which motivate pupils to study