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  • Everything else which doesn't fit nicely in the current feature sections.

Some links to a few more: Table of Contents

Other contribution offers.

  • design thoughts (christian)
  • workshop blog-links (elana/jul)
  • squeak ideas from nepal jam (bryan b)
  • story from the lines (adam)
  • story from chuck about exchanging XO for delivery timing, (Chuck Schwartz)

(Reoccurring themes, will generate future feature sections)


(Also see discussion page for details on what's to come or Weekly_zine/Future_Topics!)

Summary overview of. . . ..

  • Other announcements, Newly formed or active project updates.
  • spolight on Activity or project.

Introducing grassroots groups (possibly spotlight 1-2)

  • India
  • Peru(?)
  • Nepal
  • Philippines
  • Austria (case-sewing party)
  • Taiwan
  • USA
    • SeaXO
    • CMU games
    • MIT media lab (Mako, etc.)
    • Olin?
    • IMSA?

New Project ideas

Welcoming committee, new user greeter -- is desperately needed !

Documentation on redirection ideas

  • Ask question, redirection to proper channel
  • Goto list for redirection