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OLPC Weekly 'zine 2008 January 1- Feburary 10
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Iain (IRC: ixo)

Seth (IRC: isforinsects)

Seth (IRC: isforinsects)
Iain (IRC: ixo)
Phil B. (IRC: Phil_Bordelon)
Mel (IRC: mchua)
Mburns (IRC: mburns)
Adric (IRC: adric_work)
vacant (IRC: ?)
Seth (IRC: isforinsects)
Firefoxman (IRC: ffm)
Chris Hager (IRC: crazy-chris)



2008 January: ixo with XO Laptop on vacation - Samara, Costa Rica


I want to personally welcome you to our pilot issue of the OLPC Weekly 'zine. In the past several weeks, a stupendous team of volunteers have come together to help assemble summaries of the vast amount of OLPC information available. The hope is to help keep OLPC supporters informed on what's going on, what's new, and what's coming up.

I really hope you like it. And if you are excited for future issues, or have something to contribute, please don't hesitate to drop any of our editorial board a note. As we expand and cover more areas, we will also be looking for more volunteers to give us a hand, if interested please contact us .

Enclosed is a great collection of contributed articles and notes, please feel welcome to glance around at your own pace. We look forward to regularly publishing, and sharing more with you in the future. To find out more about our group of volunteers, check our information page at Weekly_zine/About .

See you next time...

-- ixo, coordinator extraordinaire  :)


  • Would you sell your company and travel halfway around the world to volunteer full-time, unpaid, on a project with people you've never met, in a language you don't speak, and in a land with terrible coffee... for 9 months? Bernie Innocenti, one of OLPC's major contributors in graphics and internationalization software, did just that. ... See Full Article
  • When a young man with a G1G1 en-route is scheduled to deploy to the Peace Corps in Uganda before his XO arrives, the volunteer community springs into action. ... See Full Article


  • New Wiki Adminstrators
  • New Interwiki links
  • General improvements, Wiki areas of hot activity.
  • Other OLPC Wiki updates ... See Full Article


Sugar Activity

Linux Software

  • XMMS - How to load a great persistent music player on the XO.

OLPC Europe

i18n (Localization)

I18n is steaming ahead on many fronts, with new languages being added and translations being triple checked and tested for the imminent Update.1 ... See Full Article


Summary overview of stories from Countries and Trials.

A longer list: Countries

Last week : Suzanne Buchele started working with other teachers in Ghana, introducing them to the XO; and upgraded her group's XOs to the latest stable build.

Tim Falconer pushed to get two dozen XOs for his upcoming trip to Haiti, in advance of the larger shipment they are receiving later this month. While offering to buy XOs from owners in North America, they received a dozen of them in two days for free (and were able to get the rest via eBay).

This week : Larry Weber of OLPC PR firm the W2 Group, has been working to send 100 laptops to Kliptown, South Africa. Whitney Hunter-Thomson is travelling there in a week, to prepare the ground before the laptops arrive in March. She has been boning up on OLPC ideas and implementation stories, and is visiting the offices this week in Cambridge. She aims to get in touch with members of OLPC South Africa before she travels, to help start a local support group there. Anyone with contacts near Jo'burg is invited to get in touch with the OLPC South Africa community to lend a hand.

Ivan and new community member Sebastian Silva are in Peru, talking to groups there.


Apparently this improves connectivity.[1]

Support Gang

This Week: How Adric Joined the Support gang... See Full Article


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