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I18n is steaming ahead on many fronts, with new languages being added and translations being triple checked and tested for the imminent Update.1. Obviously the focus for this release is on the Spanish and Mongolian localizations, since that is where OLPC has people actively deploying XOs.

Workflow around Pootle is starting to settle in thanks to Sayamindu's tremendous efforts. In addition to the core of Sugar and the base Activities, the thousands of strings for the entire eToys Activity were added to Pootle in the last month or so and progress on that has been amazing, despite a few glitches.

With the Update.1 schedule and the South American and East Asian deployments everyones' focus has been on those localizations (and the technical problems discovered in the field). There is a lot of other work going on in Speech, Input Systems, and many many other languages that we'll write more about after Update.1 is shipped and everyone has a chance to take stock.

Nexte Zeit: Was ist diese <<i18n>> Dinge? Wie kann Mann es machen? Next Time: What is this "i18n" thing? How can it be done?

--Adricnet 02:50, 9 February 2008 (EST)


  • i18n : internationalization, in English an I, 18 other letters and an N, much like localization (l10n) is an L , ten other letters, and an N
  • Update.1 : The first major update to the XO software contain many news features, many many fixes and updated translations.
  • Pootle is the web translation system OLPC uses.
  • Sugar is the user interface and core of XO.
  • Activities are what you do on XO. Many are verbs, like Browse.
  • eToys is a education programming system written on Squeak.