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  • Quickly expanding OLPC Europe and various countries involved.

What is OLPC Europe?

OLPC Europe is nothing more than a communication layer and a networking platform. The aim is to make communication easier, basically between local grassroots organizations, but also with folks at One Cambridge Center. This can result in less work for everyone, and in a stronger focus on our common efforts and goals. Good communication has enormous potential for improving collaboration on projects and general information exchange, and also helps smaller grassroots organizations not get lost in the mess :) Read more of our vision.

At the moment there are between 10 and 20 people volunteering for the basic setup of this platform. A monthly newsletter by Chris is in the process of being released with updates on news and events.


Involvement with this project is quickly expanding. Current groups include Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Turkey.


... (contributors program, xo-get, Nordic gamejam followups)