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Get involved

The "Une Ecole Par Enfant/One Laptop Per Child - Initiative" has so many doors of entrance, one for just about every player in society:

  1. the ICT landscape obviously. You are an ICT teacher and you're looking for a great multi-disciplinary or specialized project your students can link-up with and put develop their ict skills: olpc community is there for you. You were an ICT student and you didn't contribute in Humanities'largest Educational Endeavour ever? That awkward feeling when your kid asks you that question and you realize you missed a boat or at least you're on the wrong ship?
  2. the Education landscape, pedagogy university departments obviously, but also cabinets of education interested to link up their educational landscape with the open source and open hardware community to give some resistance against the Microsoft's, Acer's, Toshiba's, Apple's, eBoard manufacturers, telecom operators obviously all eager to make money and hook up our students, parents and kids as nice compliant consumers ;) OLPC and the OLPC Community, the XO-XS laptop tablet: Welcome linking up in the largest educational effort ever undertaken
    1. Really, stop drafting these courses in your own little corner, join other teams in your discipline making the best ever eBook on your discipline ... imagine you get hired to personalise the version for a specific language/region or explain how to make such books and how they become interactive books in the OLPC XO-XS laptop/tablets ! When was the last time you checked if your Ministry of Education or the EU Directorate of Education has funds and calls for proposals to pay you for doing all this ?
  3. but also the industry interested in generating CO2e certificates via OLPC deployments, or for their CSR programs = Corporate Social Responsibility
  4. the health sector will be very interested in the OLPC link Health-teams with wonderful projects s.a. telemedicine, usb plug in eStetoscopes, eMicroscopes, eEchography for pregnant women
  5. economy students: econometry, by how much the gdp or wealth and happiness rises by implementing an OLPC deployment in a region
  6. Statistics: Dear statisticians, how does the OLPC deployments help in collecting data. Relevant, real time data that is comparable whatever the country.
  7. marketing: do you love the OLPC advertisements as much as we do ? Check out youtube or the OLPC logo creation team
  8. volunteers / retired but still loads to share: join bed-time story reading grandma's, enlist yourself so kids/OLPC community members can contact you when they are in need of help. The OLPC kids and families can television's you real time over their internet, using their OLPC XO-XS laptop-tabled that is equipped with wifi video cam + speakers and a microphone - what's not going as planned and you can what's going on, how to repair, how it will work, ...
  9. ...

In short, the spirit of OLPC includes one core thing: the community. This includes everyone, from the children and their families to their teachers and everyone who is collaborating towards the success of the project. Make sure you'll be able to tell your kids, grand-kids you were part of this great initiative. The largest, most comprehensive educational effort ever undertaken by Humanity, and you were part of it! Congratulations! Create a login, start writing who you are, what you can do, what you want to do, what you don't want to do anymore, how much time you have available, etc. Soon others will link up to you and start interacting. You'll be coached, trained as you are doing. Hey and since the OLPC community is worldwide, the OLPC help and help channels are there 24h/24h - 365 days a year !

How to get in touch
* #olpc-europe (and #olpc-groups) on freenode.net
* #olpc on freenode.net (as there is so little english speaking olpc community in Europe -collapsed- and even world wide, it's better to link here) --SvenAERTS 22:59, 30 April 2013 (UTC)
* Grassroots mailing list.
How to get involved
There are various forms of participation, including:

I proposed people to have a look at the update Europe page and invited them for a Skype svenaerts call. The result: the next day not a single person has contacted me, nor on my Skype profile, nor here in the discussion pages. --SvenAERTS 19:19, 22 January 2014 (UTC)

Yes, I expected that. There are very few users of this Wiki now, as judged by server logs and RecentChanges. Most active users are technical. Some of the Wiki accounts may not have e-mail addresses. All you have done is made a lot of edits, and perhaps I was the only person to notice. It goes to show that you should use alternate methods to reestablish community, and if the Wiki does not win this competition, so be it. --Quozl 06:27, 24 January 2014 (UTC)