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  • New Wiki Adminstrators
  • New Interwiki links
  • General improvements, Wiki areas of hot activity.
  • Other OLPC Wiki updates

Some links to a few more: Special:Recentchanges

Admin log

Three new administrators were created on the wiki, Adam Holt, Kim Quirk, Chih-yu Chao, as well as Katie.

Main Page Redesign

Katie made massive structural changes to our Main Page over the course of 18 hours (making an edit about every 20 minutes) so it no longer makes people's eyes bleed with ugliness.

General improvements

  • Various users have been putting a lot of effort into the community driven Simplified user guide, a complement to the official Getting Started page. Contributions and comments are welcome - we often get notes saying that the existing help guides are confusing to use, but very little concrete feedback on how to improve them. (To contribute, add a note to the "Discussion" tab of any page - see Wiki getting started for more information.)
  • Free like GNU wrote a guide on how to use XFCE on the XO.
  • FFM wrote a Update paths page that combined the olpc-update pages and Activated upgrade pages into one big page, while keeping the pages synced with one another. (Disclosure: This article was primarily authored by FFM)
  • MChua started Repair_centers, information about community based repair centers, and momentum is gathering quickly with support behind the idea.
  • Site map was started by ixo, includes top 100 pages, and other popular starting points for the OLPC Wiki.
  • Template:Grassroots group and Template:Project were created by Mchua to make it easier for people to start putting their projects on the wiki. (Disclosure: This segment was added by Mchua.)

Other news

The OLPC wiki was added to the interwiki map on the MetaWikiPedia, and will soon be able to be linked to using [[OLPC:ArticleName]] on all WikiMedia sites. Soon, Sj will add wikipedia: to the OLPC's interwiki map.