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Summary overview of. . . ..

  • OLPC forums, OLPC chats, OLPC mailing lists
  • Or other communications, for items not covered elsewhere.

mburns on the Community Forum Website:

  • (mid) December: olpc.osuosl.org launches. As do the olpchelp and olpcnews forums.
  • (late) January: olpchelp.org and olpc.osuosl.org merge into forum.laptop.org, doubling in size
  • (early, projected) February: olpcsupport.org merges into forum.laptop.org

The OLPC Community Forum has really taken off, with just the last 2 weeks seeing a surge of users and growth since two of the largest OLPC forums (olpchelp.org and olpc.osuosl.org) have cooperated to merge into a single site. http://forum.laptop.org/ is now the unified forum for users of the XO. In fact, users are already shaping the community, influencing design and layout from literally day one. With this success another site, olpcsupport.org, has approached me to merge together. Fewer splintered communities means better feedback, better responses and a more diverse conversation. There is no shortage of volunteers, organizers and passionate users participating in the community discussion and we've seen that in the reflection of posts on the site. The community forum is still strongest in answering first-time user's questions, but we are quickly expanding into other areas, coordinating education materials and educators, assisting the formation of grassroot projects and hosting local organizations.