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About me

I coordinate some of the volunteering and participation here at OLPC as well as other Open Education / Open Content projects.

What I am responsible for

There are any number of things that I am directly responsible for or like to keep minders on.

WikiPage Responsibility Level of commitment There is another...

OLPC's Flickr[1] OLPC's account at flickr is to Broadcast photos from deployments. I upload most of the photos but I try to encourage others to upload there directly. I technically own the account, but it is a community resource. Relatively low work to upload, describe and tag, but I would be willing to pass it on. Bastian from Haiti and Memolibre have the login info to the account.
OLPC Health The OLPC Health project's goal is to add Hardware, Software and Content to the XO for Public Health With no formal structure I'm organizing and facilitating current projects and volunteers at 1cc CJL and Arjun are the other two organizers
Wiki analytics This wiki has Google Analytics installed, it is used to track visits to the wiki I currently generate semi-regular reports and use the information to direct improvements to the wiki Henry is also Admin, ping me if you want access to them as well.

What I do for the OLPC

What I'm doing the next couple of weeks

  • Librivox Bundle + Gutenburg html
    • En + Es
  • Wiki-commons Images
    • Diagrams
    • Bees!
    • General awesomeness
    • Atlas
  • Flickr Images
    • OLPC Deployments
  • A video
    • Peach via blender?
    • Anima Mundi (too short of time)

Workflow testcase


  • Content Workflow
    • Clean up ^ page
    • Create Content Licensing (re-licensing) workflow "explicit process for asking upstream to change license"
      Add ALEX to the queue of ^
    • Discuss the UN's OER workflow and wiki with Philipp

  • Restarting the OLPC Health initiative
    • Emailing contacts from the Seattle Healthjam about participating
    • Shepherding dev laptops for PATH in Seattle and getting them to join our board
    • Making contact with Public Health Orgs from Norfolk Event to Participate
    • setting up new phone conference for Health Org's participation


  • Getting ready for the OLPC Hack Day at NYC Resistor on Sunday
    • Emailing participants from the event in NYC Done
    • organizing travel (with ankur, dan and Sayamindu) to and from NYC Mostly done, finalize Saturday
    • packing additional materials to NYC

  • Prepare for my trip to DC
    • Email Russ Reid (Johnathan) contacts from Norfolk trip
    • Email Mike Lee about getting together
    • Schedule meetup with Chris Testa of

  • Followup
    • Send Forest Mars of MNN a coffee mug
    • Send MNN's executive director an official Thank you letter

also need to

  • need to document Ericsson contact

  • Create Conference Booth Kit
    • Putting together handouts
    • Gathering demo machines
    • supplying repair tools
    • Getting power supplies
    • prototypes (blanket solar, crank)
    • swag?
    • planning on packing it all for checked baggage (>50lbs) or shipping to event

low priority

  • reminders : Tshirt for Support gang: Mongo happy now

FYI, Just found MotionDetection, via a link off of , maybe adapting this to an Activity is a solution ? --ixo 03:10, 21 February 2008 (EST)


I have volunteered for Librivox previously and really love their project. Not many people seem to be getting the Librivox recordings ready for the OLPC so I am starting to work on this. The materials need to be transcoded into Speex and trimmed as small as possible to save space. I hope to have some serious speex-fu by the time I'm done.


Flickr is a social media site for the display and sharing of digital pictures. There is a need to see what from that vast repository of photos (many with a Creative Commons -by license) could make it to the OLPC. I've started a group [2] that will eventually be the home of this project, although what form it may take I'm not sure.

Social Media

Several avenues of social media could be leveraged for support of the OLPC. A myspace user could be created that reposts community news via bulletins and serves as a Trendy method of showing support (see CC's myspace). A simple Facebook application could be created that RSS a feed of OLPC news, or a RSS feed of new OLPC photos. And Flickr could be leveraged as a Meme or as a content source.

Social media could be used to spread the word via Myspace bulletin memes and/or livejournal memes. Memes are self replicating ideas such as forwards or personal surveys that are passed on to one's friends. This isn't a very good description, but I will try to propose it later on when other projects are more fully formed.

Material from commons

Things I learned from Dan

  • Dan is made of magic
  • Dan can memorized Pi
  • Dan has a magic hat

Public Key

/public key