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Dailymotion is an online video sharing website. An account or a number of accounts need to be created for the uploading of content; there is an olpc group where one can tag and share suitable videos from across the site.

OLPC video portal

The admins at Dailymotion have offered OLPC a portal for OLPC videos taken there. You can see it at http://olpc.dailymotion.com -- these videos are optimized for playback on an XO.

Contributing videos

how to contribute a new video to the portal there

You can join the Dailymotion OLPC group and add videos to the group (videos for kids aged from 6 to 12 years old); or contact Sébastien Adgnot directly to ask about including them in the portal above.



Dailymotion US organize a contest. Submit your Give One Get One commercial and win a national TV spot!

The video of Zimi is translated in 15 languages

Dailymotion Brazil, Poland and Netherlands and many more Dailymotion countries are relaying the program.

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