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Summary overview of stories from Countries and Trials.

  • Country/trials/schools - news from OLPC implementation sites.

A longer list: Countries

Last week : Suzanne Buchele started working with other teachers in Ghana, introducing them to the XO; and upgraded her group's XOs to the latest stable build.

Tim Falconer pushed to get two dozen XOs for his upcoming trip to Haiti, in advance of the larger shipment they are receiving later this month. While offering to buy XOs from owners in North America, they received a dozen of them in two days for free (and were able to get the rest via eBay).

This week : Larry Weber of OLPC PR firm the W2 Group, has been working to send 100 laptops to Kliptown, South Africa. Whitney Hunter-Thomson is travelling there in a week, to prepare the ground before the laptops arrive in March. She has been boning up on OLPC ideas and implementation stories, and is visiting the offices this week in Cambridge. She aims to get in touch with members of OLPC South Africa before she travels, to help start a local support group there. Anyone with contacts near Jo'burg is invited to get in touch with the OLPC South Africa community to lend a hand.

Ivan and new community member Sebastian Silva are in Peru, talking to groups there.