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The main New Zealand page is OLPC_New_Zealand

It tells you about all the groups in New Zealand:

  • Auckland
  • Wellington
  • Christchurch

It tells you about the projects we are supporting, testing we are doing, promotional events we organise and/or attend.

To hear about our events, subscribe: http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/olpc-nz and look at [laptop.org.nz]

We welcome new people and those that want to get involved.

The information below is for those wanting the history of the Wellington test group.

Our Plans

1. Testing Activities 2. Keep working on our testing strategy to ensure we are getting it right. 3. Keep having fun!

List of activities to "test more"

  • Turtle Art
  • Screencast

Make movies and upload them on the internet so others can see how easy all this is :-)

Preparation for Linux Conference - Wellington, NZ, January 2010 - http://docs.google.com/View?id=dqrh3jr_4fk347fgv

See the Linux conference info here - http://www.lca2010.org.nz

What else is going on?

WellyNZTesters have issued a Call For Papers for the education minicof we're running at the LCA2010 conference on mid January next year

We're testing the full activity bundle for the upcoming Peru deployment

An Auckland group has started and Christchurch is starting

Some kind folks in Sydney are rounding up unused dust gathering XOs from the LCA2007 giveaway to ship to Wellington.

Vik has the XO driving the RepRap machine to make view finders for itself!

Log of things done

  • Group tests 2008-11-16, Testing 8.2-764 to 8.2-767, tested Moon-8, Implode-5, Maze-6, Memorize-28
  • Tabitha and Dan ran demo at Effusion-1 office: 190 Hereford St, Christchurch for Egressive. About half a dozen people had a decent play with the 5 XOs we brought with us. Now 2 XOs loaned out in Christchurch for potential test group.
  • Group tests 2008-12-6, testing 8.2-767, chat, paint, terminal
  • Group tests 2008-12-13, testing 8.2-767, eToys
  • Group test 2009-01-10, testing 8.2-767, Food Force II, Chat, met Ian Thomson and had great chats
  • Group test 2009-01-17, testing 8.2-767, Food Force II, Gnubook, Socialcalc, Tamtam Mini. Also learned about XO hardware.
  • Group test 2009-01-24, testing 8.2-767, Help, Browse, TurtleArt, Wikipedia, Tamtam Mini.
  • Presentations by Walter Bender - Sugar Labs
  • Group test 2009-01-31, testing 8.2-767, sensors for turtleart (thanks Mel Chua), turtleart portfolio 9, modifying sugar, chat across 3 o/s
  • Group test 2009-02-7, testing 8.2.1 staging 25 and staging 27, turtleart portfolio 12, chat-48, solar play, wacom tablet play
  • Group test 2009-02-14, testing 8.2.1 staging 25 and staging 27, eToys, Tangram, Foodforce, Gnash/flash, wacom tablet
  • Group test 2009-02-21, testing 8.2.1, staging 27, Record, Write, TamTam, SchoolPlay
  • Group test 2009-02-28, testing 8.2.1, staging 27, Physics, SchoolPlay, Pipi
  • Group test 2009-03-07, testing 8.2.1, staging 27, Physics, tested Sugar on a Stick on a couple of different HP laptops
  • Group test 2009-03-14, special event for Unlimited Potential
  • Group test 2009-03-21, new laptops had arrived! no developer key :-( cannot update build
  • Group test 2009-03-28, testing 8.2.1 - geography, tuxtype, tuxmath, xolympics, cellgame, map
  • Group test 2009-04-04,testing 8.2.1 - Bridge, Playgo, Cobble, Roadmap
  • Group test 2009-04-11,testing 8.2.1 - Foodforce
  • Group test 2009-04-18,testing 8.2.1 - had so much fun we forgot to write what we did
  • Group test 2009-04-25,testing 8.2.1 - had so much fun we forgot to write what we did
  • Group test 2009-05-02,testing 8.2.1 - Sokoban, Spacetag, Record, Write, Memorise
  • Group test 2009-05-09,testing 8.2.1 - Foodforce
  • Group test 2009-05-16,testing 8.2.1 - general play time
  • Group test 2009-05-23,testing 8.2.1 - XOEditor-1, Screencast-1,
  • Group test 2009-05-30 - tested PlayGo-5, Bridge, Screencast-1, TurtleArt-51
  • Group test 2009-06-06 - general play time
  • Group test 2009-06-13 - general play time
  • Group test 2009-06-20 Hosted by National Library of New Zealand with free wifi and food :-) and Alastair updated some XOs O/Ss, showed people XOs
  • Group test 2009-06-27 - back at the Cross, tried getting devkeys, changing dates, played cellgame-1 and XOlympics-1, wrote draft proposal for the Linux Conference (Wellington, January 2010 - http://www.lca2010.org.nz/)
  • Group test 2009-07-04 - showing Shane how it all works, tested Sugar on a Stick on IBM hardware, Model, Physics-2, GeoQuiz-4, Cellgame-1, Bridge, GeoCompris, and gave feedback on Sugar Labs website usability.
  • Group test - 2009-07-11 - showing Tim how it works, started testing Strawberry, Pippy-29, GeoQuiz-4, working on our website http://laptop.org.nz to help NZers learn about OLPC and Sugar and points people to the official sites.
  • Group test - 2009-07-18 - soas-Strawberry experiments, multiple XOs sharing activities experiments, helping m_stone with network experiment
  • Group test - 2009-07-25 - IRC activity tests, prep for upcoming events and promotion activities
  • Group test - 2009-08-01 - Write, Maze tests
  • Group test - 2009-08-08 - general play time
  • Group test - 2009-08-15 - Maze, Implode, Write across XOs and Sugar in VM, Flipsticks
  • Group test - 2009-08-22 - SoaS preparation and trials, Software Freedom Day preparation
  • Group test - 2009-09-05 - SoaS preparation and trials (80 USB keys donated by Sun Microsystems to Software Freedom Day require SoaS installation)
  • Group test - 2009-09-12 - SoaS installed on 53 USB keys successfully! Locked and loaded for Software Freedom Day! Also worked on Maori translation in Pootle
  • Group test - 2009-09-19 - preparing for Software Freedom Day, more USB keys have been sugared up, talked about kids and students programme, have made cards to give out with website on them
  • Group test - 2009-09-20 - Software Freedom Day! Absolutely rocked with lots of interest in OLPC and Sugar. The kids kept coming back for more! Handed out SoaS on Sun's donated USB keys.
  • Group test - 2009-09-26 - Wellington testing group and Auckland first meet up! Showing newbies, getting SoaS on eee PCs, testing activities for Peru
  • Group test - 2009-10-03 - Wellington testing group, joined online by "Lerc" Neil Graham in Christchurch and "Mojo" Fabiana in Auckland, interviewed Tim McNamara for volunteer interviews, tested Nexo for Lerc, learned more about Scratch
  • Group demo - 2009-10-08 - showed two XOs at ULearn conference in CHC and then showed TVIC group in the evening (they likely to become part of CHC test group)
  • Group test - 2009-10-10 - tested FoodforceII beta, introduced Karstein to the XO
  • Group test - 2009-10-17
  • Group test - 2009-10-24 - playing with the new XO 1.5 machines
  • Group test - 2009-10-31 - Watch and listen, Deducto, Speak-11, the XO 1.5s
  • Group test - 2009-11-7 - tests for Australian deployment,
  • Kiwi Pycon - conference in Christchurch 7 November, displayed XOs
  • Engage your community - conference 12 November, displayed XOs
  • Group test - 2009-11-14 - Foodforce, Memorize, Speak, tried out different language (serbian), testing on eee
  • Group test - 2009-11-21 - soas, listen and spell, tangram, IRC, deducto and color deducto, XO 1.5s
  • Group test - 2009-11-28
  • Group test - 2009-12-5 - Australia list, Bridge
  • Took 2 XOs to Creative Space event in Christchurch 9 December
  • Took 2 XOs to TVIC dinner event in Christchurch 10 December - lots of interest, Lucy keen to become a tester
  • Group test - 2009-12-12 - updating machines OS, FoodforceII, thinking about LCA2010, thinking about how we manage test requests
  • Group test - 2009-12-19

Cool stuff we have done that I can't bear to delete from the page yet

Made sensors for TurtleArt - Mel Chua was in Wellington for Saturday 31 January and helped us build sensors for the XOs to use in TurtleArt. Mel was eager to learn about and document how the Welly test group works, because of interest in starting a similar group back in Boston.

27 January was Walter Bender visiting - Sugar Labs founder - event hosted by Catalyst New Zealand - OLPC Wellington, Computer Clubhouse and Catalyst IT Ltd invited interested parties to meet Walter Bender, founder of Sugar Labs, a non-profit foundation. The venue was Catalyst House, 150 Willis Street, Wellington.

Thanks to Ian Thomson, Project Coordinator for Pacific RICs and Oceania OLPC. Ian came to testing on Saturday 10th January to talk about Pacific deployments.

Thanks to Callum O'Hagan for showing us how to pull apart and rebuild our XOs. Nice hardware session.

Thanks to Alastair for updating Sugar when the rest of us are stuck!

We have some Auckland University students working with us on a project for sending data via radio. They are using an XO-1.0 and XO-1.5 and looking at doing tests in the field, maybe Solomon Islands. Team OneBeep came third in the international Microsoft Imagine Cup for their solution.