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542-stopicon.png This page has a more up-to-date location: WikiBrowse
This activity is being deprecated in favor of the new WikiBrowse activity, with improved compression and rendering.
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WikiBrowse is an activity for browsing collections of wiki pages. In the future, it will read both static html exports and xml wiki dumps. At the moment, it launches Browse and displays a subset of the schools wikipedia dump from mid-2007.


WikiBrowse-9.xo includes two levels of image matrices for navigation, one further level of navigation by title, and short articles without images. Please update to the current WikiBrowse v.8 with the latest update/joyride builds.


  • improve length and images for key articles, internal links
  • add images that hotlink from the source
  • improve attribution and metadata display (latest edit, permalink, history, talk)

future features

  • Read mediawiki dumps : browse xml mediawiki dumps, a la's javascript renderer
  • Download a mediawiki dump by category : enter a wiki, and download the output of Special:Export for that category.
    • For wikipedia: autocompletion of category names from the list of categories
    • " " : update the category index
  • Add whatlinkshere and category-list information