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wikiHow는 세계 최대의 고품질 하우투 매뉴얼을 구성하려는 협업 저작 프로젝트입니다. 한국의 경우는 다소 독특한 프로젝트를 구상하고 있는데, 유엔표준상품서비스 분류표에 나열된 산업, 비즈니스, 상품 또는 서비스 각각에 대한 워크플로우를 작성합니다. 자세한 내용은 Activity를 참조하십시오. 링크

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사이즈 : 20,000+ articles

업데이트: Felicity has selected a group of articles

To create a snapshot, download the following Bash script, and run it from a Unix/Linux/OS X based machine. It will download the files articles that are linked to from here.

The script will save the files to the default tmp folder found in your current directory where the script is run from. Feel free to change this. The script relies on lynx being installed on the system.

At this point, only the 78 articles to be included on the laptop are found here. If you want to obtain a snapshot of the articles that will go to the server, there are 406 of them, you will have to copy and paste the LC2 section from Felicity's page into the Articles-for-OLPC-Snapshot article, and the script will take care of the rest.

The snapshot of the 78 articles results in 1,259 files and takes up about 9MB of disk space.

Wikihow shell script


  • Formats materials are currently in: html/wiki
  • Scripting (any scripting needed to convert it from current packaging)

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Completeness (comprehensiveness for given topic and audience)

Multilingualism (specifically es, pt, en, ar)

Quality (incl. suitability for audience)

Freeness (license and format) Used freely for noncommercial purposes.

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XO : 80 articles
school: 450 articles

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