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This IIAB XSCE content does not reflect the opinion of OLPC. These pages were created by members of a volunteer community supporting OLPC and deployments.

Sprint will take place July 8-12, about an hour north of Winnipeg, working towards XS Community Edition 0.4. Not too long before a similar "Aug 3-10" Sprint in Boston for Pathagar.

We are excited that XSCE 0.4 will bring not only greater stability & configurability, but also much stronger integration of both the Pathagar Bookserver and Internet-in-a-Box ! Possibly Calibre OPDS's bookserver too. 0.4's Spec is still evolving as we speak in June 2013 here of course, per its Road Map.


Please arrive Winnipeg Sunday July 7, around Dinnertime.
Please depart Winnipeg Saturday July 13, Late Morning ideally.

Carsharing/flight/train/bus/canoe/hitchhiking options are all in fact possible towards saving money.

Jerry's van should depart Winnipeg late Sunday July 7, and return early morning Saturday July 13. You may also choose to rent a car from the airport.

Please Bring

  • Electrical power bars, networking equipment, XOs etc
  • Sleeping bag
  • Drinks

Showers are available right near the cabin; the cabin has mosquito-netting and electricity. 3G Internet service has been tested, even if total bandwidth is only ~300 kbit/sec in keeping with our "3G for the 3rd world" goals :)

Jerry's bedding/fishing/cooking/budget details forthcoming -- please all remember to budget for food and help with cooking/cleaning!

Fishing rods are in fact welcome, please however leave your shotguns at home ;)

Live Communications

Please join channel #schoolserver at http://webchat.freenode.net and also our 3PM NYC Time daily voice calls on Skype if you can!


  • Adam Holt
  • Anish Mangal (via Skype/irc)
  • Anna Schoolfield (via Skype/irc)
  • Braddock Gaskill? (via Skype/irc)
  • David Farning
  • George Hunt
  • Jerry Vonau
  • Tim Moody (via Skype/irc)
  • Santiago Collazo (via Skype/irc)
  • Seth Woodworth? (via Skype/irc)

Please write to server-devel @ lists.laptop.org and holt @ laptop.org if you are interested in attending, contributing, fishing, etc-- thanks!