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Welcome to the Artwork Common Room


If you have artistic skill and would like to contribute artwork to application developers and content developers, check out the art community.

If you have technical skills in scanning artwork into digital formats, conversion of digital artwork, and Choosing image formats that are appropriate for each piece of artwork, then tell us how you can help.

If you are an application developer or someone who is assembling educational content such as an e-book or a lesson plan, then tell us what kind of artwork you need.


Please have such discussions and activity about producing artwork as you wish.

Idea: Use a special typography for dyslexic children

I found this special font designed specially for dyslexic children Sarakanda(Spanish). It's designed specially to diferenciate similar symbols who can be confusing for dyslexic. When the font it´s finished it wil be publicy avaliable in OpenType format.


I can do ilustrations for Content Creators, and Icons for Activity Creators. Since there are no Needs yet, I will in the following weeks be producing some generic activity icons and place them in my User Page (under suitable licenses, like a Creative Commons equivalent to the GPL, or the GPL itself, still have to figure it out), both for my amusement, and for others to use. HoboPrimate


Outstanding requests for artwork can currently be found on the Art wanted page.

The "full stop lock and key" method to align text

The following document was written in relation to using the Microsoft Paint program on a Windows PC.

However, it might possibly be useful more generally as well as for Paint.

The following may be useful for people wanting to use large letters and a greater variety of characters in Microsoft Paint.

There are also two other documents which might be of interest.

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