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The basic premise of this activity is to enable users to decompress a selection of objects from an archive for insertion into the Journal, and to place a collection of objects from the Journal into a compressed bundle of their own (ZIP file only for 1st Edition). The Bundle activity will prove quite useful for sharing; instead of sharing multiple objects individually, one can share objects as a single collection.


The below document describes the behavior of a new activity called the Bundle activity for the XO Laptop, the low-cost, low-power laptop developed by the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) association.

Requirements Documents

Testing Documents in zip form

Testing Document in .doc form

User Manual


This is an example of a blank Bundle Activity.

Image:Bundle_activity_current.PNG Click to see larger view

Once clicking the "Add" button, the Object Chooser will appear for you to pick whatever file you choose.

Image:Screenshot-ObjCho smaller.jpg Click to see larger view

After you have selected several files, you will have a window with a list of these files.

Image:Screenshot-listBundleSmaller.jpg Click to see larger view

University of Richmond Project Team Members

Dr. Lewis Barnett: Professor

Matt Der: Project Architect

Derek Donahoo: Documentation Writer

Nolan Hughes: Project Administrator

Jake Kurzer: System Administrator, Implementor

Cosmin Pancratov: Implementor

Jim Parker: Testing Coordinator

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