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This category (apparently) is for articles exploring the social impact, aspects and ideas of the OLPC.

Regarding the Buy one - get one free program: You will get e better response if you allow the buyer in the west to designate which country the free laptop will go to. This will allow the various ehtnic groups in the west to take up the cause as their own!

Will it be posible, for my kid, to have contact with the other kid wich get the other laptop on the underdevelop country?

I think that then I will not only given a laptop to my Kid but the posibility of having a frind, to understand other parts of the world problems, maybe to continuo the relation and help on world integration.

I would like to agree with the above idea. I think that if donors knew who was getting their laptop, they might then feel a greater sense of accomplishment, and they might communicate with the recipient. In that way, they could become mentors to the kids receiving the laptop.

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