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Citizen journalism sites around the world can be an excellent resource for XO-bearing children.

Global Voices

Global Voices Online is an international community devoted to bridging cultural divides by conveying populra blogs within a culture and language to others around the world, across language and geographic barriers. It is looking for ways to amplify the voices of the underserved on the web, and expose people interested in world developments to local issues facing people in every country. GV is also considering ways it can reach out to new underheard communities, including younger people, in these regions.

GroundReport is an open news portal requiring CC licensing that enables anyone to self-publish articles. They wrote to offer support for OLPC, and would like to see millions of children be empowered to take part in global discussions (see the talk page for more).

Rachel Sterne of the site is also working on a project in Darfur, broadcasting television live from the ground there.

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