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Delete. This is just an advertisement for another web site, not appropriate for OLPC wiki. Once it is up and running then users may wish to review it here but not yet.Filceolaire 20:16, 7 February 2007 (EST)

Not just an advertisement; I had a discussion with the GR founder, and in the context of broader cit-journalism this is something we would like to encourage. Now the page doesn't read like an ad; but feel free to edit it to make it more appropriate as necessary. Sj talk is up and running. In February it globally adopted Creative Commons licenses following discussion with OLPC Content leadership. GroundReport 22:27, 1 March 2007 (EST)

from the original page

[GroundReport] hopes to empower millions of children to transform the news landscape.

The way it work is that a user creates an account, signs in to GroundReport, and starts writing. She creates her title, writes the story, and can add images or links. When she's done, she hits "Submit"--and the article is instantly published.

In addition, readers rate articles, moving them up or down the page. Thus there is a bottom-up model for determining what makes the front page. Further, GroundReport is supported by advertising revenues, but shares them proportionally with writers. For OLPC, GroundReport could commit 100% associated ad revenues to help fund the initiative.

GroundReport is a tool for democratizing news coverage, and is meant to serve as an alternative to mainstream media outlets. It gives everyone a platform for self-expression. Children would practice written expression, feel a sense of empowerment as they track the popularity of articles, and harness to power of the internet to tell the world about their lives.

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