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Description & Goals

Chat activity

  For the general public


The Chat activity provides a simple interface for collaborative discussion, be it between two individuals or among a group as large as an entire classroom. While a lightweight and "impermanent" chat is an integral part of Sugar as a layer above all activities and the various mesh levels, this activity devoted to textual communication keeps detailed records of the conversation within the journal and provides a means of searching through the conversation to locate important comments.


Many of these goals have not yet been implemented

Text & Image

The Chat activity will take advantage of both the keyboard and the resistive trackpad technology on the laptops, allowing the conversation to evolve with both text and image.

Interactive Chat

In addition to supporting both text and drawing, the Chat activity will encourage conversation and iterative process by providing a "pull" button for each entry. When a child clicks this button the content of the chat bubble - both image and text - get pulled into the input region, allowing her to alter or append both text and image. When the modified drawing or text becomes part of the conversation, it enters the stream as a new bubble, preserving the previous comments and drawing iterations.

When pulling text into the editing region, it is "pasted" into the region in the normal fashion: over a selection or at the cursor location. Images, on the other hand, will be pasted in place above any currently existing drawing.

File Sharing

The Chat activity doesn't explicitly expose a means for file sharing. This results from the fact that the entire Sugar UI is designed around the idea of collaboration, providing a layer above every activity for sharing images, links, and documents. This layer can be used in Chat, or in any activity, to share documents with the activity participants.


The edit toolbar should provide an easy method to search for a string of text within the conversation, quickly jumping to chat bubbles that pertain to the search. Optionally we could have a filtering system which allows one to view only bubbles containing images, or all bubbles for a specific individual.


Chat is a naturally collaborative activity. As such, no specific discussion is really needed beyond the overall goals for the activity.

Visual Design


Activity Mockup (216KB) historyAdobe Illustrator file containing mockups for each toolbar


Text input
Drawing input


Feature Requests
  • Video/Audio conversations - User:Atodorov
  • Some way for children to be able to connect to remote buddies (Internet), not only ones in their Mesh network - User:Atodorov
Implementation Discussion
Version History



  • none available


Functional Test

Open the Chat activity.

Ensure that you can send and receive text messages with another XO in the local mesh.

Close the activity; ensure that it closes properly.

Activity Summary

Icon: Image:Chat-icon.jpg
Genre: Chat, Mail, Talk
Activity group: Activities/G1G1
Short description: A chat program.
Description: A program that allows multiple XO's to communicate with each other via a mesh network or jabber server.
Maintainers: User:Morgs
Repository URL:
Available languages: Afrikaans, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, (Taiwan), Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Kinyarwanda, Kreyol, Mongolian, Nepali, Papiamento, Sinhala, Slovenian, Spanish, Telugu, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese
Available languages (codes): af, am, ar, ay, bg, bn, ca, de, dz, el, en, es, fa, ff, fr, gu, ha, hi, ht, ig, is, it, ja, km, ko, mk, ml, mn, mr, ne, ps, pt, qu, ro, ru, rw, sd, si, sl, te, th, tr, ur, vi, yo, zh
Pootle URL:
Related projects:
URL from which to download the latest .xo bundle
Last tested version number: 60
The releases with which this version of the activity has been tested.
Development status: 3. Alpha
Ready for testing (development has progressed to the point where testers should try it out):
smoke tested :
test plan available :
test plan executed :
developer response to testing :

URL from which to download the last .xo bundle that works with old releases
Activity version number: 40
The releases with which this version of the activity has been tested. 8.1.1 (708)
Development status: 5. Production-stable

URL from which to download the last .xo bundle that works with old releases
Activity version number: 48
The releases with which this version of the activity has been tested. 8.2.0 (767)
Development status: 5. Production-stable
Facts about ChatRDF feed
Activity bundle  +,  +, and  +
Activity genre Chat, Mail, Talk  +
Activity group Activities/G1G1  +
Activity version 60  +, 40  +, and 48  +
Available languages Afrikaans  +, Arabic  +, Bengali  +, Chinese  +, (Taiwan)  +, Dutch  +, French  +, German  +, Greek  +, Italian  +, Japanese  +, Kinyarwanda  +, Kreyol  +, Mongolian  +, Nepali  +, Papiamento  +, Sinhala  +, Slovenian  +, Spanish  +, Telugu  +, Turkish  +, Urdu  +, and Vietnamese  +
Contact person Morgs  +
Description A program that allows multiple XO's to communicate with each other via a mesh network or jabber server.
Devel status 3. Alpha  +, and 5. Production-stable  +
Language code af  +, am  +, ar  +, ay  +, bg  +, bn  +, ca  +, de  +, dz  +, el  +, en  +, es  +, fa  +, ff  +, fr  +, gu  +, ha  +, hi  +, ht  +, ig  +, is  +, it  +, ja  +, km  +, ko  +, mk  +, ml  +, mn  +, mr  +, ne  +, ps  +, pt  +, qu  +, ro  +, ru  +, rw  +, sd  +, si  +, sl  +, te  +, th  +, tr  +, ur  +, vi  +, yo  +, and zh  +
Localization URL  +
Short description A chat program.  +
Software release 8.1.1 (708)  +, and 8.2.0 (767)  +
Source code  +
Sugar icon Chat-icon.jpg  +
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