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   * New Libraries!

   * Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

   * Fast Review of the 6 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals:

     #1 OLPC Tanzania HIV/AIDS Initiative - MIT, USA
     #2 Preventing Diabetes Among Economically Disadvantaged New Mom's with Prediabetes - Saint Louis Univ, MO, USA
     #3 - - Tabasco, Mexico
     #4 Intelligent Predictor Application for XO - Malaysia and Indonesia
     #5 Rural Design Collective 2009 Summer Mentoring Program - Various Locations
     #6 San Francisco State University Lending Library - USA


<CanoeBerry> Meeting here in 30min, help us review Contributors Projects for hardware approval!  Agenda here:
<CanoeBerry> Background here:
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<sj|> hot!  get your meeting here!
<sj|> hiya RalPaes, caroline
<CanoeBerry> Contrib Program Meeting starting in a min!
<caroline> hi sj
<RalPaes> Hello!
<CanoeBerry> Minutes will be shares here later:
<CanoeBerry> Please see our agenda here:
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<sverma> hey gang!
<CanoeBerry> Hi Sameer & Yamma.
<CanoeBerry> Welcome all.. 
<sverma> hi Adam
<Yamaplos> hi guys
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<RalPaes> Hello everyone!
<CanoeBerry> Sameer & Ralston: sorry I didn't get thru RT setup just yet, call me in an hour OK?
<CanoeBerry> Should be quick.. will show you around fast.
<CanoeBerry> OK, let's start our CP Meeting.
<sverma> ok
<CanoeBerry> OK, let's start our CP Meeting.
<CanoeBerry> Agenda Item A:
<CanoeBerry> How can we all help libraries bloom?
<CanoeBerry> Check out the dozen libraries emerging in the link above!
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<CanoeBerry> We need to do a better job cross-fertilizin :)
<sverma> just added
<CanoeBerry> Great. That is out Project #6 we will review in a few minutes.
<CanoeBerry> I also know of a German library applying right now..
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<caroline> what does a blooming lending library look like?  how do you measure success?
<CanoeBerry> Traffic!
<CanoeBerry> gregdek (who just joined) helped a Fedora "library" of 100 XO's really thrive with the help of David Nalley.
<CanoeBerry> Others have been slower out of the gate..
<CanoeBerry> Needing a push ;)
<CanoeBerry> So let's all stay on it.  XO's & projects need regular meetings and/or promotion to get moving.
<gregdek> Yeah, David Nalley did every bit of that.  :)
<CanoeBerry> Baseline ideas here:
<CanoeBerry> So we should learn from David Nalley.. even tho his model (distributed, more long-term loans etc) is a bit different from the local project pools..
<Yamaplos> On Sunday I am having a meeting with people interested in the Austin library
<CanoeBerry> Awesome. At home?!
<Yamaplos> nope, a room I borrowed from my church, about 20 people expected
<CanoeBerry> Fantastic. It'll be great to hear what you put together.
<Yamaplos> thanks!
<sverma> something came up at the olpc-sf meeting
<Yamaplos> also, sort of similar topic but not quite, and as part of my refocus in Austin, I am starting this:
<sverma> groups need focal points
<sverma> if the XOs are the supply, then they need demand
<sverma> enthusiasm only lasts for so long...
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<sverma> volunteers and newbies need direction...something tangible
<sverma> we (olpc-sf) are facing the problem of focus
<CanoeBerry> mtd: got any early feedback on where your Brit library's headed?
<CanoeBerry> chirp in anytime if so!
<sverma> so, I'd say all library projects should also address the problem of focal points
<Yamaplos> BTW, we have a grantor for $25 K for XO units (that willñ be interesting if we can get just 100...) for Bolivia, and $10 K for deployment (which means that I will still not get employed...
<Yamaplos> ? focal points?
<sverma> focal point = what do we do with the XO?
<sverma> its very much like Sugar...children need an activity to gather around
<sverma> you cannot make a group without an activity
<mtd> CanoeBerry: sorry I'm playing with my son, who's entranced with the keyboard, so my feed
<mtd> back
<sverma> similarly, groups/libraries need to foster activities
<Yamaplos> OK - for me, since I am going to Bolivia 2 weeks, I am trying to get kids to do one piucture +explaining text.  When I come back, that is publishable, and they can explore the rest
<CanoeBerry> I agree -- even the best Science Fairs have some repetition in their projects ;)
<mtd> 0=[
<sverma> fostering is hard!
<CanoeBerry> mtd: can you speak a bit about your UK library plans?
<CanoeBerry> and have you heard any good news about the London meetup 2 weeks back?
<caroline> I did a "Protocol" for my last Sugar exploration meeting, that sort of thing might be useful.
<Yamaplos> ouch, guys, sorry, I almost forgot, I'm meeting Thomas Umstattd fresh from Russia, he has GREAT insights he shared on the phone.  gotta go!
<Yamaplos> I'll leave the chat window open so I can see what went on
<caroline> Perhaps try to get groups to produce user guides or blurbs for during a 2 hour meeting.
<sverma> caroline: yes, we have narrowed down six projects...and will focus on three at least
<CanoeBerry> Aside: I love old-fashioned -- the librarian profession's earning its name as even these Librarian W/O Borders have contacted us:
<CanoeBerry> Yamaplos: plz post an update around Umstattd's project here and here:
<CanoeBerry> OK, let's start for real now.  We will need mentors.  For as many as possible of those 6 projects we're now going to review..
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[ PROJECT #1 : OLPC Tanzania HIV/AIDS Initiative - MIT, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> 1. OLPC Tanzania HIV/AIDS Initiative [MIT, USA]
<CanoeBerry> Requests 30 XO's for 6wks
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives: (long pasting coming, beware...)
<CanoeBerry> Practical HIV diagnostics are urgently needed in resource-limited
<CanoeBerry> settings like Tanzania. While HIV infection can be diagnosed using
<CanoeBerry> simple, rapid, lateral flow immunoassays, HIV disease staging and
<CanoeBerry> treatment monitoring require accurate counting of a particular white
<CanoeBerry> blood cell subset, the CD4(+) T lymphocyte. To address the limitations
<CanoeBerry> of current expensive, technically demanding and/or time-consuming
<CanoeBerry> approaches, we have developed a simple CD4 counting microfluidic device.
<CanoeBerry> This device uses cell affinity chromatography operated under
<CanoeBerry> differential shear flow to specifically isolate CD4(+) T lymphocytes
<CanoeBerry> with high efficiency directly from 10 microliters of unprocessed,
<CanoeBerry> unlabeled whole blood. CD4 counts determined in our device matched
<CanoeBerry> measurements by conventional flow cytometry among HIV-positive subjects
<CanoeBerry> over a wide range of absolute CD4 counts (R(2) = 0.93) during clinical
<CanoeBerry> trials at Massachusetts General Hospital. CD4 counts will be obtained
<CanoeBerry> under an optical microscope connected to OLPC in a rapid, simple and
<CanoeBerry> label-free fashion. 
<CanoeBerry> Famous advisor appear involved, FYI: Amy Smith @ MIT (Mech Engineer professor doing lots of intl dev work)
<sverma> so, does the device plug into the XO?
<sverma> oh, I see it.
<sverma> microscope plugs into the XO
<CanoeBerry> 6 week loan is unusually short, and somewhat concerning..
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<CanoeBerry> on the bright side, these people are across the street from OLPC here
<sverma> it may be tied to the program timetable
<sverma> they may have only 6 weeks to do this
<CanoeBerry> perhaps -- which 6 weeks etc tho, is a concern
<CanoeBerry> isforinsects is looking over their proposal, memories of OLPC Health..
<CanoeBerry> which several of us would love to revive
<isforinsects> And I'm starting to work towards
<isforinsects> I say yes, with the strong expectation that it is a short term loan
<isforinsects> 30 machines is a lot
<CanoeBerry> OK, who will mentor?
<CanoeBerry> As we qualify their final true needs..
<isforinsects> I'm still reading however
<isforinsects> I would be willing to mentor
<CanoeBerry> Looking good, let's work on this together and move onto Project #2 now..
<CanoeBerry> Thanks isforinsects -- please take the ticket.

[ PROJECT #2 : Preventing Diabetes Among Economically Disadvantaged New Mom's with Prediabetes - Saint Louis Univ, MO, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Now Project #2:
<CanoeBerry> 2. Preventing Diabetes Among Economically Disadvantaged New Mom's with Prediabetes [Saint Louis Univ, MO, USA]
<CanoeBerry> Requests 250 XO's for 18-24mos
<sverma> wow!
<CanoeBerry> Project objectives: (very long paste coming, beware!!!)
<CanoeBerry> The primary objective of this application is to investigate the effects of
<CanoeBerry> an ehealth program targeted at new moms' at-risk of developing diabetes
<CanoeBerry> mellitus (DM). The intervention will adapt key aspects of the seminal
<CanoeBerry> Diabetes Prevention Project (DPP) lifestyle protocol, including  1) clearly
<CanoeBerry> defined weight loss and physical activity goals; 2) lifestyle coaches; 3)
<CanoeBerry> Intensive ongoing curriculum (initial 16 session core curriculum to be
<CanoeBerry> completed within the first 24 weeks after randomization); 4)
<CanoeBerry> individualization through a "toolbox" of adherence strategies; 5) Materials
<CanoeBerry> and strategies that address the needs of a diverse population of low-income
<CanoeBerry> new mothers; and 6) an extensive local and national network of training,
<CanoeBerry> feedback, and clinical support for the participants into a lifestyle
<CanoeBerry> intervention via email (i.e., ALIVE! Program). The ALIVE program has been
<CanoeBerry> shown to significantly improve self efficacy regarding change in diet as
<CanoeBerry> well as significant forward movement regarding readiness for change. The
<CanoeBerry> intervention draws from the theory of stages of motivational readiness for
<CanoeBerry> change for physical activity behavior and will take into account the
<CanoeBerry> specific social, cultural, economic, and physical environmental challenges
<CanoeBerry> faced by women of diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. The first
<CanoeBerry> objective is to create the online protocol for at-risk new moms, to be
<CanoeBerry> accomplished by incorporating a transdisciplinary research team, bridging
<CanoeBerry> across the fields of education, psychology, medicine, nursing, and maternal
<CanoeBerry> and child health, linking biological and non-biological (i.e., social)
<CanoeBerry> determinants. The second objective, and overarching aim of this proposal is
<CanoeBerry> to test the effect of an ehealth program on encouraging women to achieve a
<CanoeBerry> weight loss goal of 7% of their initial body weight and 150 minutes of
<CanoeBerry> moderate physical activity (similar in intensity to brisk walking). The
<CanoeBerry> third objective of this proposal is to consider links between diabetes risk
<CanoeBerry> and social determinants of health, by exploring the modifying effects of
<CanoeBerry> demographic characteristics (i.e., race/ethnicity, age, education,
<CanoeBerry> urban/rural, and poverty status) on a number of variables including patient
<CanoeBerry> knowledge of diabetes risk, stage-of-change, stress, empowerment, and
<CanoeBerry> medical mistrust, to identify important differences between the two groups.
<CanoeBerry> This application is innovative in being the first, to our knowledge, to test
<CanoeBerry> an ehealth intervention designed to prevent DM among at-risk, low-income new
<CanoeBerry> moms. The intervention protocols will be designed for easy translation into
<CanoeBerry> clinical practice, to foster generalization should they be found to be
<CanoeBerry> effective.
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<isforinsects> They really don't show that they know anything about the XO laptop
<CanoeBerry> Please read the gull proposal here:
<CanoeBerry> *full
<sverma> I don't see any alignment with anything OLPC does...they just need 250 laptops.
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<isforinsects> for two years
<isforinsects> and don't really have any plan in place for scaling
<isforinsects> they seem like they are going to create this curriculum and materials for just this group
<isforinsects> And are producing content for a very western-centric audience
<CanoeBerry> (Besides the obvious: OLPC has never approved CP projects with this many laptops..)
<sj||> +1 on the amy smith/medical proj : aiming to produce a reusable peripheral
<CanoeBerry> But I have someone I can ask about this project, do we have any mentoring volunteers to see if this diabetes project might be refocused / shrunk?
<sverma> We have a fledgling project in Hyderabad, India which is looking to do some edu materials about diabetes...the problem there is we don't have XOs. I can check some more on that end and get back to you
<sj||> for #2 : come on
<sj||> we're peddling sugar to children with no prior exposure to it
<sj||> if we're not planning ahead for prediabetic mothers, we may be doing more harm 
than good
<sverma> sugar...diabetes...hmmm
<sverma> The delivery of materials is XO based, but can the material be developed without XOs?
<CanoeBerry> Who will help me mentor #2?
<isforinsects> sverma: It sounds like the would almost be better off with printed materials
<isforinsects> Other than the XO-as-reward/interest system, I don't see theneed
<sverma> i agree with isforinsects
<sj||> a mentor should ind out if they've tried using an XO, and know how they would deliver materials / followup : through a browser?
<sverma> if materials are developed collaboratively and are reuasble under a CC type license, then it makes some sense
<sj||> sverma: agreed in part
<sj||> we still couldn't provide this quantity; would have to make an exception to let them buy under their grant
<CanoeBerry> OK. let's move on. I will mentor, providing the above feedback to the applicant and appreciate if others on the way..
<sj||> that might not happen.  but if they're interested in collab and reusable, worth sending them 1 to make sure they've been thinking with full knowledge of what it would be like
<CanoeBerry> Moving onto Project #3, ok?
<CanoeBerry> Last call for Project #2 constructive criticism?
<CanoeBerry> Going once..
<CanoeBerry> Going twice..
<CanoeBerry> Done.

[ PROJECT #3 : - - Tabasco, Mexico ]

<CanoeBerry> 3. -- [Tabasco, Mexico]
<CanoeBerry> Requests 1 XO for 8 months
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Project consist in developing a custom version of
<CanoeBerry>    targeted for Kids that can run on the XO. Targeted builds will need to
<CanoeBerry>    be tested on XO to optimize the performance for the XO architecture.
<isforinsects> OOo4Kids (OpenOffice for Kids) on the XO
<sverma> looks great!
<CanoeBerry> "simplify the design of the User
<CanoeBerry> Interface so the Kids will understand. Create iconography and
<CanoeBerry> necessary dialogs and-or sounds to make it easy on the children"
<isforinsects> I like it
<isforinsects> OOo needs help, and I think that this project could come up with a reasonable project
<isforinsects> Hernan is involved/interested it seems
<CanoeBerry> Other votes?
<CanoeBerry> Anybody follow Open Office with all its challenges and want to mentor?
* sj|  Quit (Connection timed out)
<CanoeBerry> Need a mentor for EducOO / Project #3 :)  Let me know now/later if you can help!
<CanoeBerry> Moving onto #4, OK?

[ PROJECT #4 : Intelligent Predictor Application for XO - Malaysia and Indonesia ]

<CanoeBerry> Intelligent Predictor Application for XO (Malaysia and Indonesia)
<CanoeBerry> Project #4: Requests 2 XO's for 14 months
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    - XO as the medium for the application
<CanoeBerry>    - To test and show the capability of XO in running AI(Artificial Intelligence) program.
<CanoeBerry>    - To stimulate the learning process for children who use XO.
<CanoeBerry>    - Help children to think logically
<CanoeBerry>    - To assist any users of the application helping them to make a decision based on the model of knowledge they entered into the application
<isforinsects> <---suspect
* isforinsects reads
<sverma> bayes is kinda fun
<isforinsects> Yeah... if it were produced, it would be *kinda* neat for high level kids if it came with a large collection of info about it
<CanoeBerry> benbas's Malaysian library isn't live yet..
<CanoeBerry> Unless Anil's made progress in-person travelling thru Asia as we speak ;)
<caroline> how do I get an account on rt?
<isforinsects> If the project had some understanding of all of the steps required to understand naive bayes, it could be a fun project
<CanoeBerry> caroline: call me and i can train you -- takes about 20 min.
<CanoeBerry> caroline: or we can do it over IRC, after this meeting..
<CanoeBerry> verdict on #4 here?
<CanoeBerry> Endorsments? Denials? Should we ask him about emulation eg.
<CanoeBerry> Let's wrap up #4 plz :)
<sverma> call
<CanoeBerry> OK, if this developer's willilng to package his app and make it learning-friendly, it might have hope, but the application's a bit short here.
<CanoeBerry> Let's reconsider this one -- with a mentor asking the applicant for more details.
<CanoeBerry> Moving onto #5?

[ PROJECT #5 : Rural Design Collective 2009 Summer Mentoring Program - Various Locations ]

<CanoeBerry> 5. Rural Design Collective 2009 Summer Mentoring Program
<CanoeBerry> Already bought 6 XO's. Requests 5 XO's for 6 months..
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<CanoeBerry> Project objectives:
<CanoeBerry> (long, beware..!)
<CanoeBerry> The Rural Design Collective is a remote mentoring program with a
<CanoeBerry> local focus designed to help motivated, creative people begin an
<CanoeBerry> independent career on the Internet. The mentoring program is
<CanoeBerry> structured on a three month time-frame where mentorees are matched to
<CanoeBerry> projects that suit their creative skills. The mentorees
<CanoeBerry> learn-as-they-earn, working on real projects that help their
<CanoeBerry> community or establish their credibility as a professional. They
<CanoeBerry> complete the three months with a real project and professional client
<CanoeBerry> relationships.
<CanoeBerry> The 2009 RDC Mentoring Program centers around the public domain and
<CanoeBerry> books. As part of this, the RDC will be outfitting six (6) XO laptops
<CanoeBerry> that were recently donated by the RDC and distributed to area schools
<CanoeBerry> and libraries with a collection of books from the Internet Archive
<CanoeBerry> Childrens Library (IACL). The mentorees will partner with a
<CanoeBerry> representative from the participating organizations to outfit the XO
<CanoeBerry> to their specifications and train them on the device. We will share
<CanoeBerry> what we learn by publishing our work on the web and installing the
<CanoeBerry> same bundles on laptops donated by the OLPC through the Contributors
<CanoeBerry> Program.
<CanoeBerry> "Why is this project needed?
<CanoeBerry> It helps advance the concept of collections for the XO and
<CanoeBerry> broadens the range of available material."
<CanoeBerry> REACTIONS? :)
<sverma> I like the open library involvement
<sverma> also having acquired XOs via G1G1 shows commitment
<CanoeBerry> Applicant neglected to include an address, but this will be forgiven if they get it together later :)
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<CanoeBerry> Strong team apparently, w/ Internet Archive etc.
<CanoeBerry> Project URL:
<sverma> +1
<CanoeBerry> Intriguing..
<isforinsects> I'm confused
<isforinsects> There seem to be two projects
<isforinsects> "The Rural Design Collective is a remote mentoring program with a
<isforinsects> local focus designed to help motivated, creative people begin an
<isforinsects> independent career on the Internet."
<isforinsects> "As part of this, the RDC will be outfitting six (6) XO laptops
<isforinsects> that were recently donated by the RDC and distributed to area schools
<isforinsects> and libraries with a collection of books from the Internet Archive
<isforinsects> Childrens Library (IACL)."
<isforinsects> I don't see how that follows
<isforinsects> Do we know anyone else in Oregon who can turn them into a Lending Library afterwards?
<caroline> they seem like a good group but I don't get exactly what they are going to do.
<CanoeBerry> let me talk to SJ about this gang -- he clearly knows some/all of them.
<isforinsects> I *think* I may know 'webchick"
<isforinsects> lemme look
<CanoeBerry> tentative interest?
<caroline> there is a lead user teacher in Orgeon I wonder if they are already connected
<CanoeBerry> Shall we give them partial approval, pending more clarification?
<sverma> yes
<CanoeBerry> Great.
<CanoeBerry> plz help me/SJ/is4 mentor if you can.
<CanoeBerry> Let's move onto #6.
<isforinsects> Yeah, ping me on mentoring, I'm interested.
<sverma> ok

[ PROJECT #6 : San Francisco State University Lending Library - USA ]

<CanoeBerry> San Francisco State University Lending Library [USA]
<caroline> hmm 6 hours from the teacher in OR
<isforinsects> Yay!
<CanoeBerry> Requests 10 XO's for 6 months.
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry> The project would allow students
<CanoeBerry> the opportunity to use their diverse backgrounds and experience to develop
<CanoeBerry> hardware and software for the XO. Students
<CanoeBerry> from many of the departments, such as Engineering, Computer Science, History
<CanoeBerry> and Art could be inspired to contribute to OLPC’s goals once they are familiar
<CanoeBerry> with the project. Open source software
<CanoeBerry> would be used to track lending of the laptops, as well the inspiring ideas
<CanoeBerry> students may have.
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<CanoeBerry> sverma: when will your site be live?
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<CanoeBerry> Oops, lost him.
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<CanoeBerry> RalPaes or sverma: what's your timeline for going live?
<CanoeBerry> With site and other outreach/execution?
<sverma> you mean the wiki site?
<sverma> couple of clarifications: The lending library can start as early as mid-May
<CanoeBerry> wiki site, yeah
<sverma> Also, this proposal is for SFSU and not OLPC-SF
<CanoeBerry> Go it.
<CanoeBerry> What policies are likely?
<CanoeBerry> To further (a) circulation and (b) laptops returning "on schedule"
<sverma> I just put a few lines on
<sverma> Our Academic Technology unit will take over logistics
<sverma> they maintain a database, loaning, etc.
<CanoeBerry> Will there be a recommended lease/loan time etc?
<sverma> We are working with (1) Elementary Edu program and (2) Child Psych on campus
<sverma> recommended tiem is usually in multiple of weeks. If someone requests the equipment while its checked out, the person gets a reminder
<CanoeBerry> Is it decided if the general public can check out XO's, if they qualify?
<sverma> tiem=time
<sverma> general public at SFSU can...general public at large need a "sponsor"
<sverma> we are looking to do another proposal via OLPC-SF for the general public option
<CanoeBerry> Doesn't SFSU believe in open ;)
<sverma> someone else (not here today) will champion that effort
<CanoeBerry> OK.
<sverma> yes, we do. We don't have a boundary/fence :-)
<sverma> the real problem is accountability
<CanoeBerry> Watch those SF Hippies..
<sverma> so, as long as you are on the SFSU system, they'll be ok
<CanoeBerry> Is 10 XO's reasonable?
<sverma> you mean < 10 or > 10?
<CanoeBerry> Either way.  And is there rationale behind the 6 months loan, instead of longer?
<sverma> we are a large campus, but we also wanted to stay with CP guidelines
<CanoeBerry> How many people at SFSU?
<sverma> 30,000+
<CanoeBerry> Woah
<sverma> + faculty + staff
<sverma> we have 54000 e-mail accounts
<CanoeBerry> Can we have some peer feedback please?
<sverma> '6 month loan was tro see how things go until the end of the year
<CanoeBerry> isforinsects says: +1
<sverma> if it doesn't work, we wouldn'twant to waste XOs
<sverma> we could use 2 dozen, if that works for CP
<sverma> that was the original thinking
<RalPaes> Imagine the potential!
<CanoeBerry> sverma: your endorsement counts, as i now understand this is not your own proposal.
<CanoeBerry> other votes of confidence?
<CanoeBerry> I suggest we stick with 10 XO's for now.
<sverma> another side to this proposal is that the team that is working on the information design proposal (Ralston et al) are following the work flow both outside and inside RT
<CanoeBerry> And double the number from 10 to 20 later this year if the project (library) proves itself.
<sverma> ok
<CanoeBerry> RalPaes: are you involved with organizing this SFSU library?
<RalPaes> That sounds like a plan.
<CanoeBerry> I will help mentor, regardless.
<CanoeBerry> ** Let's call it a day, ok? **
<sverma> I'm the resident mentor on this one
<CanoeBerry> sverma: Great, can you take this ticket an co-mentor with me?
<CanoeBerry> ** Thanks all for your help! **
<sverma> sure
<RalPaes> Thanks.
<CanoeBerry> Minutes will be posted on each ticket as well as in full here later:
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<CanoeBerry> RalPaes: ring or ping anytime for RT access etc!
* RalPaes  Quit ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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