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NOTE: The contents of this page are not set in stone, and are subject to change!

This page is a draft in active flux ...
Please leave suggestions on the talk page.

Draft criteria for a great contributors project proposal. Please revise mercilessly and add your own.

  1. Produce materials & results helpful to others
start by enumerating how & where this will "give back" to the community/deployments
  1. Be clear about how this relates to / is different from related proposals
  2. Have a team and a contact person
  3. Have a plan and timeline
  4. Indicate past contact with developers, or potential supporting orgs

Rule of thumb: if children (or other recipients) aren't producing something they are immediately sharing with others (new content or code, testing, meaningful articles), CP isn't for them.

Templates related to reviewing projects

See the following templates related to Projects for review:

Template:pfr - for tagging a page for review (use: {{pfr|pg=PageName}})
Template:pfr2 - for the review itself (use: {{subst:pfr|pg=PageName|text=description}})
Template:pfr3 - for logging the review (use: {{subst:pfr3|pg=PageName}})

Proposed template for requests for the contributors program

The Project Proposal Form for our new Contributors program has since moved. Thanks to everyone who helped polish it while it was here!

Proposed criteria for starting a Local Laptop Lending Library (LLLL!) L4



  • what is your active library URL? This should be a page describing what you have in mind, what you hope to receive, and who is organizing the program.
  • spell out policy mechanics of loans/returns: EG. mail order? in-person? monthly meetings? other?
  • spell out how you (and your library "clientele") will Give Back to the OLPC/Sugar community
  • what is the long-term plan for the library? who will coordinate your library if you move on?
  • how will you report statistical patterns on lending/recirculation trends (important: to help all laptop libraries worldwide!)

Suggestions and further questions

  • demonstrate detail-oriented librarian skills; articulating how laptops will continually recirculate & new projects seeded & fertilized
  • what innovative techniques do you have to spur on local projects? demonstrate outreach & buzz-creating acumen!
  • describe the team of people helping you and/or your institutional backing
  • have you reached out to other XO Libraries and Groups to learn what works and doesn't?
  • are you the kind of person that might later Mentor other library entrepreneurs?
  • what is your personal long-term plan; what will you get out of this?
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