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   * New Libraries!

   * Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

   * Fast Review of the 6 (was 5) latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals:

     #6 OLPC UK Pilot London 2009
     #1 Computer aided instruction in medical schools - Kenya & Illinois, USA
     #2 flixel games framework on xo - Austin, Texas, USA
     #3 Internet Math Tutoring Network For Kosodo Village - Kenya/Ghana
     #4 XO-1.5 build testing - London, UK
     #5 Wind Shear Detection for Small Airports - Northridge, California, USA


<mtd> re
<steveb> hi
<mtd> steveb: hi
<mtd> jackmj80: hi
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<CanoeBerry> Contributors Program Meeting starting here in a couple min!
<mtd> CanoeBerry: cool
<CanoeBerry> Agenda arriving in your inbox soon..
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<CanoeBerry> Sorry for the very late start.
<CanoeBerry> Agenda of 5 projects should be in your inbox right about now!
<mtd> CanoeBerry: heh perhaps you could switch my xo-01.5 with the OLPC UK proposal :)
<mtd> CanoeBerry: I got some UK people together for the meeting, but if you want more time to review, that'of course that's fine
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<CanoeBerry> OK. Agenda here:
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<CanoeBerry> Thanks all for helping.  We will start with mtd's proposal (#4, out of order) given our special guests..
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<CanoeBerry> Hi Everyone!
<Guest77929> Hey from London.
<Fractallyte> Hi!
<Kunal_Vora> Hello!!
<CanoeBerry> Pls look over the agenda here:
<mtd> CanoeBerry: oh sorry no I didn't mean my 1.5 proposal I meant #42929
<mafe> hello all!
<PhilLondon> H
<mtd> CanoeBerry:
<mtd> CanoeBerry:
<CanoeBerry> mtd: my apologies that one did not appear in the email.
<mtd> (sorry)
<CanoeBerry> Let me paste in the critical summary right now for all..
<mtd> CanoeBerry: no no prob sorry for the crossed wires :)
* mtd didn't want to steal the thunder :0

[ PROJECT #6 : OLPC UK Pilot London 2009 ]

<CanoeBerry> Let's call this Project #6: OLPC UK Pilot London 2009
<CanoeBerry> XO's requests for 1 many again?
<CanoeBerry> *requested
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry> 1. to successfully deploy the XO Laptops in a pilot class of 30-35 students, partnered with the deployment of 30-35 XO Laptops in a developing country school;
<CanoeBerry> 2. to enable extension from the initial success of a class pilot into a full school deployment in either January 2010, and/or September 2010;
<CanoeBerry> 3. to create general educator, press, developer, and corporate support for OLPC (UK) in the United Kingdom.
<CanoeBerry> 4. to create a platofrm from which to contribute to and influence OLPC activities worldwide
<CanoeBerry> The aim of OLPC (UK) is to work with schools that are interested in integrating the XO and the Sugar learning platform into childrens' education as structured in the UK.
<CanoeBerry> This pilot will enable OLPC UK to effectively demonstrate the community benefit gained from the program to interested and potential supporters.
<CanoeBerry> It will also enable OLPC Uk to contribute a variety of resources to OLPC worldwide, through collaborative activities and curriculum and application development. 
<CanoeBerry> mtd & all: help us clarify the XO-count requested if poss :)
<jackmj80> enough for 1 class, supporting staff of that class and schhool
<mtd> CanoeBerry: (jackmj80 and Guest77929 (Warren Pimm) are the main organisers :))
<mtd> who else from the UK is here?
<Fractallyte> Me!!!
* steveb 
<Guest77929> Warren
<Kunal_Vora> Me!
<Fractallyte> (Amir Ansari)
<Codex__> Reporting in from Lincoln (Lincolnshire)!
<Iain-247e> hello
<CanoeBerry> Thanks All: would one of you like to introduce the project right now?
<PhilLondon> Me
<CanoeBerry> Advocating for your work, and how this will help other deployments worldwide especially, thanks!
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<CanoeBerry> PhilLondon: please give us a quick summary of the project plan/sustainability/etc!
<jackmj80> The project is a pilot with a small state school class of 50
<dsd_> i'm here too
<mtd> CanoeBerry: I think PhilLondon was talking to me :)
<steveb> i think he was more saying he was here, rather than volunteering
<PhilLondon> Sorry. That was I'm from London. On mobile so a bit slow
<mtd> CanoeBerry: jackmj80 and Guest77929 (Warren) have championed the proposal
<jackmj80> sorry of 30! of course
<CanoeBerry> OK.
<Guest77929> Happy to lead if appropriate.
<mtd> Guest77929: jump in
<mtd> Guest77929: benefit of IRC is we can have interleaved conversations
<cjb> jackmj80: I was assuming that state schools had gotten more cramped since I was in one :)
<mtd> Guest77929: I'm sure CanoeBerry can keep up :)
<Guest77929> Bare with the speed of typing.
<Guest77929> The London team has been up and running since early April, following one of the team member's session at TED where he was able to hear an update from Nicolas on OLPC.
<CanoeBerry> Great: what areas of the Sugar Learning Platform or otherwise are you hoping to evaluate & advance?
<mafe> OIC...I was thinking that you've done several pilots already...:)
<CanoeBerry> mafe: as a teacher, can you quickly evaluate and report back here in 2 min?
<Fractallyte> (Just cutting in...) We're hoping to evaluate how the OLPC can fit into the UK curriculum - which is already very well developed (some may say 'entrenched' ;-)
<CanoeBerry> Guest77929 & Fractallyte: Thanks. What will be your toughest challenges? And how many XO / Sugar installation have you played with so far?
<mafe> Since this is an initial pilot ...this is very crucial...
<mafe> Canoeberry: wait ...let me read it...
<dsd_> i met the group and gave a presentation (about my deployment experience) at a meeting
<dsd_> i was impressed with what they have found and achieved
<mafe> wow...we need more of this to collaborate learning materials especially in implementing lessons...
<dsd_> there is good  professional capacity for working with the school, and a few techie people who we all know
<Fractallyte> Toughest challenge that I can see will be fitting it into the existing IT setup in the relevant schools. The 'powers that be' are very conservative and skittish about new fangled ideas in education.
<mafe> a great tool for teachers....
<CanoeBerry> Planning looks solid indeed, now how many XO's make sense if we're to approve an initial shipment in the coming 10 days?
<CanoeBerry> We often approve 2 XO's upfront in situations like this and 10 later if plans solidify.
<jackmj80> The pilot class / school / teacher are solidified
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<mafe> do they have a solidified group? Canoeberry?
<dsd_> mtd runs a lending library and repair centre so we already have a small number of XOs to play with
<dsd_> 2 of which have been lent to the teachers at the school, i think
<Fractallyte> Yes
<mafe> I believed they've played with XO's already...
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<Fractallyte> The teachers were very impressed!
<CanoeBerry> And this group is a bit larger -- how many XO's make sense to ship in the coming 10 days to ramp up preparation?
<mafe> so  the 2 XO's deosn't make since if they are planning to implement this in a group...
<Fractallyte> And intrigued too - they certainly wanted to play and could already see ways the technology could be used in lessons.
<mafe> Fractrallyte: I'm very much interested in collaborating....esp with the learning content teachers' training....
<Fractallyte> OK, we should swap email addresses!
<CanoeBerry> So let's put a number on the number of XO's that make sense to ship out now for evaluation/planning over the coming month or so, would 5 XO's make sense?
<dsd_> someone please jump in if i'm wrong.. i think really the concern here is getting enough laptops for the children in time for the actual deployment
<jackmj80> no, it would not i dont think
<dsd_> which i believe they want to start in sept
<jackmj80> yes daniel thats right
<jackmj80> we have what we need now to prep teachers etc...
<dsd_> obviously need some time beforehand to install and test them all
<Fractallyte> That's our main worry: being able to obtain enough machines for a September pilot.
<CanoeBerry> 30 machines?
<jackmj80> the support we are looking for is for the actual pilot - to deliver the ams 
set out in the prop
<Fractallyte> Well, the proposal is for 50...
<Fractallyte> For september.
<mafe> are you starting to train the teachers' first
<Fractallyte> But for now, 5 or thereabouts would be ideal.
<jackmj80> 30 machines is a start i believe, we will need more to ensure success of the pilot
<Fractallyte> For training the teachers, and their tech support people.
<CanoeBerry> Why are 15 machines needed for teachers around 1 classroom?
<mafe> or september is the implementatioin with the kids...
<Fractallyte> We want to give laptops to several teachers in school - for inclusion, so they don't feel left out.  There's a lot of excitement about it!
<jackmj80> yes september is implementation
<Fractallyte> If we only concentrated on one class, it would limit the impact of the pilot.
<CanoeBerry> Sorry I meant why are 15+3 = 18 laptops needed by teachers around 1 classroom?
<jackmj80> The additional xo's are for the class teachers, other interested teachers
<Fractallyte> (I'm referring to teaching staff, of course.)
<jackmj80> and for support in terms of malfunctioning and defective units
<mafe> correct me so 15 are for kids and the rest are for operation like teachers /developers
<mtd> mafe: 30 are for the kids
<Fractallyte> 30 for kids, the rest for teachers and tech.
<Fractallyte> And spares.
<CanoeBerry> 20 is an unusually large number of spares supporting 30 kids.
<mafe> do you plan to sustain the activities...
<mtd> CanoeBerry: the numbers are here as I think we're getting a bit tangled :)
<Fractallyte> The teachers are the crucial thing here! We know the kids will love the XOs, it's the teachers that have to be convinced.
<mtd> mafe: that's what the teachers' XOs are for...we want to engage them
<mtd> CanoeBerry: are you worried there are too many teachers to support (15)?
<mafe> im fine if there's a lot of teachers
<CanoeBerry> I'm having trouble justifying 20 spares/additionals, above 30 laptops for kids, that's all.
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<mtd> mafe: that's our hope :)
<mafe> we like it...
<mtd> CanoeBerry: definitely.  It's not 20 spares for 30 kids
<mtd> CanoeBerry: it's 2 in-class spares
<dsd_> it should also be noted that the longer term plan is to scale up the deployment within that school, if the pilot is successful and assuming a supply of laptops
<mafe> im fine loaning them with 30
<mtd> CanoeBerry: it's 3 laptops for the class's two teachers
<mtd> CanoeBerry: and then 15 for other teachers
<CanoeBerry> Will the kid be taking these XO's home?
<CanoeBerry> *kids
<Fractallyte> Yes, but we have to check the school's IT security policy beforehand to OK it.
<mtd> CanoeBerry: yes, IIUC
<mtd> CanoeBerry: I was thinking that would help "saturation"
<mtd> CanoeBerry: thoughts?
<dsd_> the school headteacher attended the meeting where i presented
<mafe> i believe if it's a loan ...nope unless it's afinal deployment
<mtd> jackmj80, Guest77929: please correct us about kids taking them home
<dsd_> he is a great character for the project
<dsd_> very interested in technology + education, with a track record
<dsd_> i think he will cooperate well ..
<CanoeBerry> Good to hear, let's keep in mind parts should really be bought here:
<dsd_> parts for repairs.. indeed
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<mtd> CanoeBerry: yup.  Or the UK Repair Centre if we can help ;)
<CanoeBerry> Full machines for spare parts is not the most environmental/cost effective approach.
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<mtd> CanoeBerry: just want to emphasize the total spare request is 3
<mtd> CanoeBerry: 2 for in-class (on-demand, kid forgets, etc.)
<mtd> CanoeBerry: 1 for the two class teachers
<CanoeBerry> 18 XO's allocated for teachers + 2 in-class spares still seems too high to me; nevermind 50 would be far higher than Contrib Program has approved in the past.
<CanoeBerry> Can we make it 30 + a smaller number?
<Fractallyte> CanoeBerry: (sorry, offtopic) I met you at Sugarcamp Paris, and commented about the availability of XOs. I'm still sticking to my original objection: these machines just aren't easily available!  Why can't we just go to an order page at and ORDER 50 MACHINES?!?  OK, you can probably ignore my rant, but let NN know... ;-)
<Guest77929> Do apologize guys - typed in an initial foray, and then had my CEO sit down with me to run through a client proposal - serious AFK - sincerest appologies.
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<jackmj80> yes
<mtd> jackmj80: is that "yes" to CanoeBerry ?
<jackmj80> what number would would be reasonable
<CanoeBerry> Let's try to wrap up.
<jackmj80> yes, thanks martin
<mtd> CanoeBerry: sorry for monopolising :)...really appreciate the discussion / support
<mtd> CanoeBerry: so 30 + many would you feel comfortable with?  2 teachers + 3 spares + ?
<Guest77929> We are looking for enough for: (i) 30 children; (ii) 2 classroom teachers; (iii) 5-6 back ups; (iv) 7-10 additional for the other teachers in the school to seed them into the program.
<mafe> so 30 + what is the smallest number
<mtd> mafe: I'd say 30 + 2 teachers + 2 in class spares + 5 for other teachers?
<CanoeBerry> Aside for Fractallyte: groups that have proved themselves as being fully self-supporting can later buy XO Laptops.
<Guest77929> Is how we would get to the request for 50:)
<mtd> mafe: but your guidance very very wwelcome :)
<mafe> mtd: im thinking
<mtd> CanoeBerry: guidance as to how many to get the most teacehrs invovled without straining the program would be very welcome :)
<mtd> mafe: :)
<dsd_> one option may be to get the "extra" teachers involved at a slightly later date
<mafe> how about 40
<jackmj80> 40 is workable
<Guest77929> The intent of the pilot is to roll from a class pilot, into a school wide roll out in September 2010.
<Fractallyte> Well, there seem to be two choices: enough for just a class + directly associated teachers, or enough for class + all interested teachers. Difference is 40 or 50.
<mafe> yes.
<mafe> yes
<Guest77929> Very keen for the first pilot school to become embasadors for the UK to other schools - the principal thought behind seeding the teachers.
<mafe> as long as during implementation kids should have one laptop per child ....
<CanoeBerry> What if we shipped 30 laptops for teachers today?  And on Aug 10th, all teachers report back.  Then we ship additional XO's at that time for the number of teachers truly likely to be involed?
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<mafe> would that work guys based on your timeline?
<mafe> i mean the suggestion of Canoeberry? ...
<dsd_> the intention being that the initial 30 are transferred to the children?
<Guest77929> That would sound reasonable, but could we take up 40, allowing for the class of 30, 5 for teachers, and 5 for onsite backups.
<Fractallyte> CanoeBerry: we're looking for about 18 laptops for teachers... 15 for interested parties, and 3 for those directly involved. All in same school.
<CanoeBerry> dsd_: yes
<CanoeBerry> I'd like us to consider this plan -- is Mon Aug 10 a reasonable date for a followup call between the group of us?
<CanoeBerry> Or does another date make sense here?
<Fractallyte> Well, the school is on vacation from mid-July...
<CanoeBerry> Fri July 31?
<Guest77929> Would we be able to get on a call sooner - suggest July 10th.
<Fractallyte> The teachers will be unavailable after about 15th July.
<Fractallyte> The next time we'll be able to reach them after that will be at the beginning of September.
<mafe> the timeline says august for teacher's training...
<Guest77929> We have talked with the headmaster about bringing the teachers back in over the summer for a session on the XO, to prepare for the pilot launch.
<CanoeBerry> Should we talk Fri July 17 to see how many teachers are already involved?
<Fractallyte> I think the teachers will be very reluctant to come in over summer, actually, based on our last meeting. They have vacations booked, etc.
<mtd> CanoeBerry: sounds good
<Fractallyte> Would it be possible to send out 10-20 machines now for teachers, and feed back later in July?
<mafe> sounds ok to me
<Fractallyte> (Or even 5-10, if that's not possible...)
<mafe> 10 i guess
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<Fractallyte> Then we could organise to have the rest delivered for the class for September.
<CanoeBerry> Yes, plz clarify the timeline that states "August 2009 Teacher Training" :)
<jackmj80> during our recent meeting that was brought forward
<mafe> hey sameer..come on jump in
<Fractallyte> OK, to clarify: the teachers will be unavailable!
<Fractallyte> We only found out on Tuesday.
<jackmj80> appologise for not updating the proposal, that will now be held in july
<jackmj80> we have the machines to support this already in London
<mafe> you need an asap xo's before that date
<CanoeBerry> Final number for the immediate shipping please?
<CanoeBerry> 30 was the proposal..
<jackmj80> we need the XO's for actual delivery of the pilot
<Fractallyte> 5-20 now, the rest (30 for the class) for September.
<mafe> as per as my understanding 5-10...
<jackmj80> 30 was for the class, the proposal requires additional numbers for support to ensure the pilot is a success
<mafe> then then follow-up the 30 for the class
<Fractallyte> We'll have to leave the '5-20' bit to your discretion. Of course, we'd prefer the larger number, but you're deciding!
<CanoeBerry> Are there definitely 30 students in the class?
<Fractallyte> Yes
<Guest77929> 30 students in the class (grade 5), 227 in the school, 27 different languages and nationalities represented, state school
<Guest77929> An ideal pilot for OLPC (UK) from all accounts.
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<CanoeBerry> Let me ship 30 now if you Brits agree for 2 followup calls, later in July, and also in August -- you setting both those dates -- deal?
<Guest77929> Ideal!
<Fractallyte> OK!
<CanoeBerry> God Save the Queen :)
<dsd_> spoken like a true canadian
<mafe> Ok....
<mtd> CanoeBerry: thanks
<Fractallyte> Yes, thanks.
<Guest77929> Wait, there's fellow Canadian's online!
<Guest77929> Happy Canada Day! (yesterday)
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<CanoeBerry> Thank You: plz set those 2 meeting dates in July & August and email within a week!
<Fractallyte> Will do...
<CanoeBerry> OK, let''s try to squeeze on a few of those 5 other proposals plz if you can help!
<CanoeBerry> Proposal #6: Approved.

[ PROJECT #1 : Computer aided instruction in medical schools - Kenya & Illinois, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Proposal #1...
<mtd> :0
<mtd> :)
<CanoeBerry> Computer aided instruction in medical schools in Kenya & Illinois, USA
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 2 XO's for August at least
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    The overall objective of our project is to enhance
<CanoeBerry>    the use of computer-aided instruction for medical education in Africa.
<CanoeBerry>    Toward this end we have established collaborations with several medical
<CanoeBerry>    schools in Kenya to explore possibilities for facilitating the
<CanoeBerry>    development and utilization of computer aided programs and other
<CanoeBerry>    teaching modules that are tailored for their curricula. Longer term
<CanoeBerry>    objectives include involvement of medical students to help develop
<CanoeBerry>    content and to improve the awareness of the globalization of medical
<CanoeBerry>    education.
<mafe> im ok with that
<CanoeBerry> Other voices/votes please?
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<mafe> it's a go for me
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<mtd> indeed...sounds great
<CanoeBerry> I say approved.
<CanoeBerry> Strong looking team of doctors, minimal request -- let's hope they report back as promised and do great work in a really important area.
<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #2:
<mafe> yes...

[ PROJECT #2 : flixel games framework on xo - Austin, Texas, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> flixel games framework on xo - Austin, Texas, USA
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 1 XO for 1 month or much longer term if possible
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    To create a step-by-step tutorial that
<CanoeBerry>    shows how to use the XO to create original Flash games that anyone
<CanoeBerry> with a PC
<CanoeBerry> can play, using my specialized, highly efficient flash game library 
<CanoeBerry> (which
<CanoeBerry>    is MIT-license free).
<Fractallyte> mafe: I'm gonna have to go, so if we get together about content collaboration, we should exchange contact details!
<Fractallyte> (Sorry to clog the line with offtopic stuff...)
<mafe> go
<CanoeBerry> Bye Fractallyte
<mafe> hey that's not for you the go
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<Fractallyte> Bye!  Oh, OK. I'll hang on...
<CanoeBerry> I believe project should borrow an XO from Yama in Austin, TX
<CanoeBerry> Sound reasonable?
<mafe> how can i reach you
<Fractallyte> mafe:
<mafe> Fractallyte: thanks great got it....
<Fractallyte> OK, must dash.  See y'all!
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<mafe> ok bye
<CanoeBerry> So let's approve Project #2 and ask them to borrow in-town from Yama in Austin, ok?
<mtd> CanoeBerry: ok but Flash games can reach far - SL has been doing work on that too....let's encourage
<mafe> CanoeBerry: yea to maximise our local libraries
<CanoeBerry> mtd -- who should mentor?
<CanoeBerry> Any ideas let me know..

[ PROJECT #3 : Internet Math Tutoring Network For Kosodo Village - Kenya/Ghana ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #3:
<CanoeBerry> Internet Math Tutoring Network For Kosodo Village - Kenya [Ghana]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 10 XO's for 24 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    This proposal describes the implementation of an Internet Math Tutoring
<CanoeBerry>    Network in a developing country which will use the following technology to
<CanoeBerry>    bring individualized math tutoring instruction to students.  In this way,
<CanoeBerry>    math teaching specialists can supplement the local teacher(s) in sparsely
<CanoeBerry>    populated areas without transporting the specialists to the areas.
<CanoeBerry> Correction: Kenya & Ghana
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<mafe> be back ...need to feed this kid...
<steveb> sounds good to me
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<steveb> how does the tutoring work?
<CanoeBerry> Good question.. the proposal is extremely long here:
* steveb gives it a quick skim
<CanoeBerry> See also:
<steveb> and then realises he doesnt have a login
<CanoeBerry> steveb: i can get you a login later if nec
<steveb> cool. the idea sounds great though
<CanoeBerry> (Email holt-@-laptop-DoT-org if you want a login and have read over )
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<CanoeBerry> Other opinions on #3, and how our community would support them?  Seems like we need a mentor from our community?
<CanoeBerry> steveb: could you consider mentoring this project?
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<steveb> unfortunatly i dont have a massive amount of time at the moment. i would love too in theory, but dont think i could give it the energy it requires!
<CanoeBerry> Can anybody plz help mentor "Internet Collaborative Math Tutoring Network in Africa (Kenya and Ghana)" ?
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<dirakx> that project seems very cool.
<CanoeBerry> If they have a peer mentor to work with them from our OLPC/Sugar community, we could more easily approve their 10-XO request!
<CanoeBerry> dirakx: would you consider mentoring them?
<CanoeBerry> Even just an email per month is fine.
<dirakx> CanoeBerry: so yes i have a lot on my plate but yes, it would be nice!
<steveb> what would you say mentoring involves?
<CanoeBerry> dirakx: huge thank -- Project #3 approved for 10 XO's to Kenya/Ghana.
<steveb> just out of interest
<dirakx> CanoeBerry: :)
<CanoeBerry> steveb: one thoughtful email every month :)
<dirakx> i'm very happy to help.

[ PROJECT #4 : XO-1.5 build testing - London, UK ]

<CanoeBerry> Let's review Project #4 now:
<CanoeBerry> XO-1.5 build testing, Martin Dengler, UK
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 1 XO 1.5 til build ships or 6 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Assist reporting and fixing XO-1.5 bugs, of which there are already at least 30
<CanoeBerry>    (see
<cjb> CanoeBerry: +1
<CanoeBerry> +9
<steveb> well obviously it's important to fix bugs :)
<cjb> mtd: the number of boards is very limited (i.e. not everyone working on them has one) for a while, but hopefully in a month or so
<CanoeBerry> cjb: when will mtd likely get an XO 1.5 motherboard.. July 7 timeframe for an A2 motherboard, or Augustish for a beta motherboard?
<mtd> CanoeBerry: sorry I missed your last - tomeu would be a good mentor
<mtd> cjb: I don't want to steal from others doing development - that's fine!
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<cjb> CanoeBerry: not sure, one of the two
<mtd> cjb: testers are sometimes eneded but it might be too early :)
<CanoeBerry> mtd: mentoring Internet Collaborative Math Tutoring Network with dirakx?
<cjb> mtd: I think it's exactly the right time
<mtd> CanoeBerry: the Flash proposal (sorry for the lag :( )
<mtd> cjb: ah ok :)
<CanoeBerry> Project #4 approved.
<mtd> CanoeBerry: #2
<CanoeBerry> I will ship it out of Cambridge, MA when cjb fine tunes..
<CanoeBerry> mtd: thanks.. will ask tomey if he can help Project #2
<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #5 now..
<dirakx> cjb: so next month would be a nice time to ask for a xo-1.5 ?. ;)
<CanoeBerry> dirakx: apply today to if you can contribute, on a related note see for example F11 on 1.5 AND 1.0 effort here:

[ PROJECT #5 : Wind Shear Detection for Small Airports - Northridge, California, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> FINAL Project #5 now..
<dirakx> CanoeBerry: lol will do then
<CanoeBerry> 5. Wind Shear Detection for Small Airports, Northridge, California, USA
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 4 XO's for 12 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    The objective is the development of an array of inexpensive sensors
<CanoeBerry>    that, when placed around an airport, will automatically organize
<CanoeBerry>    themselves into a mesh network that can detect and report wind shear.
<CanoeBerry> dirakx: fill this out real fast..
<mafe> im back..
<CanoeBerry> mafe: we're reviewing the final project #5 now if you can help..
<mafe> i've read this project proposal
<mtd> it could work...I'm worried about "mesh network" expectations
<steveb> it sounds interesting... although im not really sure what wind shear is
<mafe> yes...if it's like an activity ...fine...
<CanoeBerry> Not targetting children, hmm.
<CanoeBerry> This is also concerning: "we have no particular expertise in XO software development. "
<steveb> it sounds more like asking for some cheap hardware, but that could be slightly unfair of me
<CanoeBerry> Using an XO in a life-or-death situation may be asking a bit much too..
<mafe> looks like the plan is a real app...wind shear to be use in airports....:) highlevel...
<CanoeBerry> Not many child pilots in the 3rd world :(
<sverma-jamaica> it does sound like a "cheap hardware" request
<mafe> maybe we should ask clarify more of his proposal
<steveb> sorry, i possibly phrased that wrong
<mtd> mafe: +1
<CanoeBerry> I believe this group should borrow XO's from Caryl Bigenho right nearby in Los Angeles.
<CanoeBerry> Let's try to engage them with an in-person group in the LA area where there are indeed XO Lending Libraries.
<CanoeBerry> With extra XO's available today.
<mafe> CanoeBerry: I'm fine with that too...
<CanoeBerry> We'll see if Caryl & All can work this challenging/academic Wind Shear project into schools or kids physics on the side :)
<mafe> right! just like one of the xo activity...measuring the distance....:)
* dirakx  Quit ("Leaving.")
<CanoeBerry> That's All Folks!!!  *Thanks* all for persisting completing our ~90 min meeting, really helping 6 high-potential projects onto their feet.
<CanoeBerry> Bye!
<mafe> Bye everyone!
* mafe  Quit ("")
<steveb> bye :)
<Guest77929> Outstanding work to all - and thank you Boston!  OLPC (UK) off and launched!!
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