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other hardware

Q: EEE rock's, but will sugar work on it ? A: YES!


OLPC Europe will meet and hold a presentation at FOSDEM.

Education Methodology (onderwijs methodiek)

English (Yeliz: The main text is in Dutch-I tried to translate it to English here-translation may not be perfect):

Were methodologies developed to create education programs that embrace the use of information and communication technologies? I think that we should have a case (supported by a methodology) based on which we can outline OLPC.

There are many education methods. The acceptance of a laptop as part of a methodology is relatively new. There has been research on this here:http://e-learning.surf.nl/e-learning/onderzoek Cases of pilots of OLPC: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Pilot_Projects_Exchange OLPC-NL has a pilot page: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC-NL_Dutch_Pilot. There are many other systems such as:http://www.lon-capa.org/ LearningOnline Network] het [http://selfproject.eu/ selfproject And many other web-installs:http://www.opensourcecms.com/


Zijn er methodieken ontwikkeld die ICT insluiten, een onderwijsprogramma/lijn dat ICT omarmt? Ik denk dat we een case -ondersteund door een methodiek- moeten hebben op basis waar van we OLPC kunnen uitlijnen.

Er zijn heel veel onderwijsmethodieken. De toepassing van een methode m.b.v. een laptop of zelfs de pc is nog daarintegen relatief nieuw, er wordt wel veel onderzoek gedaan[1]. Cases en pilots van OLPC[2], ook OLPC-NL heeft een pilot pagina[3]. Er zijn nog veel meer systemen als LearningOnline Network het selfproject en heel veel web-installs [4].

more meetings

forum / closed wiki

how to make group discissions

Marten: I think Jakarta voting (see google and wcc 2007) may help making group discisions

This means that you get involved and ask others to support it. This can be passive or active. The purpose is getting commitment for support and make sure you are doing the right thing.

Posible votes:

   * -1 bad don't do this, I will come with other proposal in 24 hours
   * -0 not good a idea, not supporting
   * +0 good idea, not supporting,
   * +1 yes, I will support / help cover damage / take responsibility 

Who can vote? Everybody in the group.

Or others can vote against it and commit themselves to another solution.

While doing a proposal it is wise to: - make a clear proposal - set a time window (voting closes on [time, date]) - send your conclusion afterwards to the list.

Proposals with 3 positive votes (sum of all) on closing time, are OK'ed and allowed to go through.

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