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  • Interns - If you are interested in this project, add your name to the Interested interns section below along with a brief description of why you're interested and why you'd be a good mentor for this project, along with any specific ideas for execution you might have beyond the project description.
  • Mentors - If you are interested in this project, add your name to the Interested mentors section below along with a brief description of why you're interested and why you'd be a good mentor for this project, along with any specific ideas for execution you might have beyond the project description.
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Project description

An Examination Simulator creates a simulation of a real time examination. The simulator provides practice in actual test conditions and gives test results instantaneously. The simulator will also provide a detailed analysis of the test. Supposedly, the test contains 50 questions, out of which 10 are knowledge based, 10 understanding based, 10 skill based, 10 conceptual and 10 application based. The student will also be able to get a detailed analysis based on the type of questions attempted along with other details like correct and wrong answers, percentage obtained, subject wise analysis, efficiency, efficiency depending on the time taken. Maximum learning takes place by practicing questions. The test can prove very useful both for classroom and home environment. It has utility for both teachers and students. We can have animated, colorful backgrounds for the test screens. The questions can also be displayed in an attractive manner. Thus, it will enable learning with competitiveness and fun.This Simulator can also serve the purpose of the Worksheet Generator as proposed on the OLPC Wiki.


1.Easy assessment

2.Can be used both offline and online

3.Gives a detailed analysis of the test attempted and also points out the areas where improvement is required

4.An easy tool for teachers to give personalized attention to students( primarily focusing on areas where a particular students needs to improve)

5.With colorful graphics and animation, the Simulator would enable fun based learning

Interested Interns

Anup Gupta [1] Email: anupgupta.nsit (at) gmail (dot) com

I am Anup Gupta, a pre final year computer engineering student at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, India. Some of my projects include HELP( a real time device for health education), Windows and Web Audio Player cum Recorder and a Test Software. I am also the founder and administrator of a students' educational website www.eduzone.in[2]

Technical Skills: Programming Skills: C,C++,Data Structures,PHP,VB.NET,C#,MATLAB Web Development Technologies HTML,DHTML,CSS,ASP.NET Design and Graphics experience on Adobe Photoshop, MS Publisher Knowledge and Experience of Ethical Hacking and Network Security Also familiar with Assembly language for 8086 microcontrollers.

Why do I want to do this project?

I feel that building an Examination Simulator can lead to better understanding and application by the student and also help the teacher to assess the performance of the student without much of an effort.I find building an Examination Simulator as the most interesting of all the projects. I am personally very attached to imparting education to students. It was interest in enlighting children that led me to develop my educational site www.eduzone.in[3]. I have been involved in building a Test Software. I have mentioned my technical skills and the projects done by me on the following page. [4]

I have also thought of the procedure that can be used for developing the entire project.

Development Stage

The Examination Simulator can be developed in PHP with MySQL as the database.

I feel that the most important part in the entire process would be to create a database with appropriate fields. I have thought over the fields that will constitute the database. We will need to divide the backend in two tables. I had made the table in word and since I couldn't copy the table here. I took screenshots and have displayed them here as images.The first table focuses on the details of the test while the second on the details of the question. The first column in both the tables constitutes the field in the database; the second is an example entry while the third gives the description of the field.



Table I focussed on the fields in the test and II on the fields in a question.



Table I is connected at the runtime and values of the variables are changed according to the test conditions.

Table II is used for following tasks:

1. To generate a unique QuestionID.

2. To check the response of the student with the correct answer

3. To analyze the test given by the student, e.g. to judge the type of questions attempted wrong.

The entire file for the Project ideas can be accessed here : File:ProjectIdeas.pdf

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