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Deprecated, kinda. Replaced by Geoquiz.

Heh, and I was just about to begin implementing this, too. :(
Stuart Morrow 01:37, 22 January 2009 (UTC)

The excellent 'World Countries' game made by 'orinoco' is implemented in SVG and javascript in a single file:

It is a lovely game, it is under the GDL and already works on the OLPC. It would make an absolutely great activity for the OLPC and only needs a little bit of tuning to make it work perfectly on the platform.


  • (EASY) perhaps change the color scheme to increase the contrast
  • (MEDIUM) increase the spacing between countries to improve visibility on the OLPC's high-res screen
  • (MEDIUM) make it all fit without scrolling left and right
  • (EASY) adjust the size and placement of the text to improve rendering and avoid clipping
  • (???) package as an OLPC Activity

New Features:

  • choose a continent to practice on
  • click on the country name to go to a wikipedia search
  • internationalize the text
  • package the wikipedia country pages as part of the activity
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