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Geoquiz is a geography guessing game.



  • 4
    • Thanks to Nick Doiron for a patch making:
      • Swaziland, Lesotho, and Gambia show up correctly (Gambia is small, but visible)
      • The buttons cycle from top to bottom and vice-versa
  • 3
    • Added South America and a front page where you pick the continent
  • 2
    • Added a message about which keys to use.
    • Discovered a mistake in the MANIFEST which created double files in the .xo zip file (no big deal, but fixed)
    • Gave credit to the Maze activity in the code. Used a lot of their code in this Activity.
  • 1
    • Released to the wild

Known issues

  • as of v4 :
    • still quits on completion. It should say something like "congratulations!" when you are done and let you pick again, instead
  • as of v3 :
    • three little bugs in africa : Gambia, Lesotho and Swaziland do not show up as yellow when they come up in the list... they are too small perhaps in the svg. adding a 2px halo around each country should solve that problem generally, if possible...
    • one large bug in africa : Zimbabwe is called "Mozambique"
      • Is this really true? I just double-checked and it doesn't appear to be true to me, Gordon, the developer. (Gordon)
    • it quits on completion. It should say something like "congratulations!" when you are done and let you pick again, instead

Feature requests

  • Adjust difficulty : let players choose the # of options per question, from 3 to 7
    • There's actually a hidden way to do this. Hold down the shift key then hit the + key. You'll get two more country options. The minus key removes two options. (Gordon)
  • Add language support : there are good 100-language lists of country names.
    For extra difficulty, support randomly selecting a language for each country name shown, from a given set of languages

Information for programmers

This little Activity is still a work in progress, but it's pretty functional already.

  • Uses SVG for the country shapes
  • Has multiple continents, but only displays the names in English
  • Intended to be multi-player, but haven't written the code for that yet
  • When you finish the game it crashes rather than having a cool "TADA" type screen
  • The SVG colors aren't displaying like I think they should, so the highlighted countries are actually purple instead of a nice yellow-orange
  • The code is hosted at [1]

Activity Summary

Icon: Image:activity-geoquiz.svg
Genre: Games
Activity group:
Short description: Geoquiz is a geography guessing game.
Maintainers: User:Gmccreight
Repository URL:
Available languages:
Available languages (codes):
Pootle URL:
Related projects:
URL from which to download the latest .xo bundle
Last tested version number: 4
The releases with which this version of the activity has been tested. 7.1.2 (656), Candidate
Development status:
Ready for testing (development has progressed to the point where testers should try it out):
smoke tested :
test plan available :
test plan executed :
developer response to testing :
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