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This year many people are working to make this year's G1G1 program more visible and useful to different groups - including those working on their own projects in education, sustainable development, green power and long-term poverty alleviation. We could use help triaging new offers of support and collaboration, organizing related OLPC projects at different universities and research groups towards their common goals, following up on existing projects to help give them visibility, and help presenting the program at events and conferences around the world.

upcoming meetings

Friday, October 10 2008, 1200-1300 EST

IRC - #olpc on irc.freenode.net
in cambridge - OLPC HQ (contact sj for directions)
schedule - meetings, manuals, SD cards, publicity releases
announcements - partner projects, developments aimed for availiability and announcement on Nov 17
activities - software and collection updates to be available on Nov 17
--Sj talk
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