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One Laptop per Child

Health Jam Seattle
University of Washington

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The Jam is over. See the article or the results of the Jam to find out what we did.

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Room Changes

  • We are now going to be in rooms T475 and T531 Saturday and Sunday.
  • We are starting at 10:00 AM on Sunday

In A Nutshell

Health Jam Seattle
Where: University of Washington, Health Sciences Building (T-wing)
When: April 18-20, 2008
Goal: We're introducing the One Laptop Per Child project, specifically in regards to leveraging the XO laptop and related technologies in rural areas. We will be running parallel tracks for those who are interested in technical aspects of the project (Software and Hardware) and a track for learning how to help the various education and basic healthcare education materials currently being created.

Where/when is it exactly?

The Jam is going to take place at the University of Washington, in the Health Sciences Building, T-wing.

  • Friday 6 pm-9 pm Health Sciences Building T-Wing Room T473
  • Saturday 8 am-6 pm Health Sciences Building T-Wing Room T473 and T531
  • Sunday 8 am-6 pm Health Sciences Building K-Wing Room K069 T-Wing Room T473 and T531

For directions, call organizer Seth Woodworth at 509 855-1351 or visit the UW website [1]

What is a Jam?

An OLPC Jam is a content creation crunch that gets participants from idea to reality in just a few days. We're going to cover what materials are currently in existence, what needs to be created, and the methods and ways to help with our projects.

Introduction to the Health Jam

About OLPC

The One Laptop Per Child project is a non-profit based out of Cambridge, MA, with many volunteers in grassroots groups across the world. The goal of OLPC is to improve education in the world's least developed countries. The method is a low cost educational laptop for constructionist learning - but "it's an education project, not a laptop project," and that's something we always have to keep in mind.

About OLPC Health

The Health group at OLPC is an interdisciplinary group working on medical-related projects associated with the XO, including software, hardware, and content. Health projects can be a local grassroots undertaking, a student group project, a pilot implementation, a global community creation-sprint weekend - we cut across geographic, disciplinary, and institutional boundaries to help all health-related OLPC work move forward. Our basic premise is that existing Healthcare infrastructure in the countries with XOs could be extended and supported by using the XO.

The Health group is working on three main areas: Content, Software and Hardware. In content, we are working with several Healthcare organizations that have already created basic health, sanitation, and dentistry education materials in several languages. Some of this material is printed, some digital, and we are working on converting it to easily displayable and translatable formats. In Software, we're working to create medical diagnostics transmission protocols to allow XOs to send data to remote doctors and specialists for analysis in real-time, while conversing with a patient who might be at home or unreachable in a remote area. In Hardware, we are attempting to design a $15 USD peripheral, connected to the XO Laptop by usb, that can take measurements from a variety of sensors (EKG, pulse oximeter, digital stethoscope, etc) at a higher resolution than currently offered by the analog-in port and bundle it up for transmission to remote doctors/specialists. Other projects along these lines are starting up, and new projects and participants are always welcome.

About OLPC Health Jams

This Health Jam is a 3-day project sprint experience that gives participants the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to begin - or continue - contributing to OLPC Health projects. A healthy dose of this is open work time with experts in technology, education, and public health floating around for ready consultation, but there will also be (attendee-run) tutorials on the side for folks who want to pick up new skills or teach others what they know.

Experience in health-related fields, software/hardware development, grassroots communities, and open source/content is helpful, but not required. The desire to help and a willingness to learn, contribute, and teach others what you know are far more important.

This Jam is a community-organized event.

I want to participate!

Jams are collaboratively organized events, so the best way to get started is to just dive in and introduce yourself. Participating in this Jam? Have ideas? Want to coordinate rides, teams, projects, or talk about the Jam? Edit the Jam Talk Page!

How to help

Check out our /todo list and feel free to grab a task.

This space and the subtopics below it are not complete.

The best way to make sure the Jam runs in a way that helps you and your projects is to help us plan the Jam. Contact Mel Chua if you're interested in pitching in for pre-Jam planning, and Seth Woodworth if you're local to Seattle and want to help out on the "ground crew" during the event (but don't necessarily want to help prep beforehand).

For specific things and people we're looking for, read on below.


  • Electrical engineering equipment, or access to such (soldering irons, wire, common components like resistors, oscilloscopes and multimeters, helping hands, wire cutters/strippers...)
  • Wifi
  • Loaner laptops or desktops for attendees who might not have their own (perhaps they have desktops at home).



  • food runners
  • photographer/journalists/bloggers
  • set up and take down
  • donation solicitors (of food beforehand)
  • message runners
  • judging coordinator - recruit local kids to judge, greet them when they come, and manage the entire evaluation process (big role!)


If you have any questions about the Jam, please email queries to the Health mailing list or contact Seth Woodworth

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