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Health and medicine are fundamental topics for children and families. Materials available from the UN and World Health Organization and similar aid organizations are often written for trained workers or local health staff.

  • Preventative Hygiene (i.e., hand washing, sneezing on elbows, cleaning cuts and scrapes, importance of clean water, how diseases spread and how to stop their spread).
  • First-Aid
    • For example, see "First Aid for Children Fast", Johns Hopkins Children's Center. ISBN 0789489600
  • Availability of Doctors
    • When to see a doctor; when you can treat yourself.
    • Treatments that don't need a doctor. See "Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Healthcare Handbook", Werner, Thuman, and Maxwell. ISBN 0942364155

See also

  • a community-developed, open-source, enterprise electronic medical record system framework intended to aid resource-constrained healthcare environments.

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