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Taken from Bernie Innocenti's response to Sayamindu Dasgupta on the devel mailing list, 5/24/08. Please expand these instructions, include links, clarify, cleanup, test, and improve. (modified by Walter on 5/17/11)

> > I'm not sure about the workflow for adding new keyboards - do I add > > the relevant changes to xkeyboard-config and start a build in Koji ? > > Thanks,

Both me and Arjun did it in the past. It's not complicated:

git clone git://
git commit <your changes> -m <your commit message>
git format-patch HEAD^
  • open a bug in Freedesktop's bugzilla with the patch attached (be sure to CC svu)
  • wait for Sergey Udaltsov to give you feedback and to apply it once you have it right.

Note: You will likely be needing to update both a symbols file and the rules/

In parallel, you can add the patch to the package:

  • obtain a Fedora account if you do not have one already
  • checkout Fedora CVS for xkeyboard-config
  • go to the OLPC-2 branch (check with dgilmore if you also need OLPC-3)
  • add your patch (see how the others were done)
  • commit your changes
  • rebuild in Koji
  • your changes will appear in the next joyride build

Also see keyboard_list for creating the artwork.

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