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Procedure for creating a new keyboard:

  1. check to see if there is an existing layout specified in /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols
  2. if yes to #1, then make a mock-up based upon this specification (I use inkscape to generate an SVG)
  3. identify someone in country with whom to iterate in the design (presumably the design was motivated by someone in country)
  4. create artwork and modified symbol file for X as necessary
  5. push out to wiki for feedback; more iteration
  6. hand the artwork off to Quanta
  7. push the X changes upstream
  8. approve samples from Quanta

Keyboard image:

  • Use Inkscape to create the keyboard
  • Save as PDF
  • Use Adobe to read PDF and Grab to take a screen shot
  • Save as Tiff
  • Use Imagemagick to convert to png ($ /Applications/ImageMagick-6.4.1/bin/convert <file>.tiff <file>.png)
  • Upload png to wiki page

Also see How_to_create_a_keyboard_layout for software development items.

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