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This page provides a listing of the in-place Sugar keyboard shortcuts for release 8.2.0. It should be read in reference to the agreed shortcuts and the HIG.

  For the general public

Special keys

  • the Ctrl key has a solid diamond on it (♦);
  • the Alt key has an open diamond on it (◊);
  • the Esc key has a white × inside a black disc (Image:Esc.png);
  • the Tab key has double arrows on it (↹);
  • the Tilde key has a tilde on it (~);
  • the Frame key has an open rectangle on it (□);
  • the F1 key is the same as the Neighborhood view key (Image:Mesh key f1 small.png);
  • the F2 key is the same as the Group view key (Image:Friends key f2 small.png);
  • the F3 key is the same as the Home view key (Image:Home key f3 small.png);
  • the F4 key is the same as the Activity view key (Image:Activity key f4 small.png);
  • the Delete key is the same as Fn-Erase.
  • the Page Up key is the same as Fn-up-arrow (↑).
  • the Page Down key is the same as Fn-down-arrow (↓).
  • the Home key is the same as Fn-left-arrow (←).
  • the End key is the same as Fn-right-arrow (→).

Keyboard shortcuts

Alt-Tab Cycle forward through running activities
Shift-Alt-Tab Cycle backward through running activities
Ctrl-c Copy to clipboard - note this becomes Shift-Ctrl-c in the Terminal (only)
Ctrl-v Paste from clipboard - note this becomes Shift-Ctrl-v in the Terminal (only)
Ctrl-x Cut (and copy to clipboard)
Ctrl-a Select all (current input/dialog/text box )
Alt-Esc Quit activity
Alt-Enter Toggle full-screen mode
Alt-Space Toggle tray visibility (works in Browse but not in Record)
Ctrl-u View source in Browse (opens copy of source in Write)
Fn-Space View source (system wide, although not enabled in all applications yet)
Ctrl-Alt-Erase Restart Sugar
Alt-1 Screen capture; saved to Journal as a PNG file named "Screenshot"
Ctrl-Alt-F1 (F1 is the Neighborhood key) Console 1
Ctrl-Alt-F2 (F2 is the Friends key) Console 2
Ctrl-Alt-F3 (F3 is the Home key) Sugar / X Windows
Esc-Frame-RightArrow-Fn (the four corners keys on the keyboard) Recalibrate touchpad (AKA Four finger salute); Fn should be pressed last.
Fn-UpArrow Page Up
Fn-DownArrow Page Down
Fn-LeftArrow Home
Fn-RightArrow End
Alt-BrightnessDown Backlight off black & white mode
Alt-BrightnessUp Full brightness color mode
Alt-VolumeDown Mute
Alt-VolumeUp Full volume

Using modifier keys in combination

Note about the use of modifier keys: there are several (slightly) different ways in which key combinations are indicated in the wiki. Whenever you see combinations separated by either a - or + this means to press these keys together, starting with the modifier keys. The last key in the sequence should be pressed while holding down the modifier key(s). For example:

Shift-A (or Shift+A) means hold the Shift key down and then press the A key while holding down the Shift key. This will create a capital letter A. (The order is important: if you press the A key first, the result will be a lower case a.)

Ctrl-Alt-Erase (or Ctrl+Alt+Erase) means hold down both the Ctrl and Alt keys and then press the Erase key. This will restart Sugar/X Windows. (Again, the order is important: if you press the Erase key first, the result will be a backspace.)

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