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The keystrokes listed on this page for Full Black&White mode and Full Color mode do not work for me. Using ALT as the modifier instead of CTRL does work (as listed at Keyboard_Shortcuts ) . I did not edit the page as I am using an old XO (B4, build 767, sugar 0.82.1, firmware q2e18). If it does not work on a G1G1 then should probably file a bug report as perhaps the software should be changed to use CTRL.

Reply, I can confirm on a G1G1 XO (Build 767) that:
  • Alt-BrightnessDown
Backlight off black & white mode
  • Alt-BrightnessUp
Full brightness color mode
  • Alt-VolumeDown
  • Alt-VolumeUp
Full volume

Is the correct mapping, I will edit the page accordingly. cjl 22:31, 24 December 2008 (UTC)

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