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OLPC India Student Chapter had some tasks open which could be taken up by anybody and most of them did not require any previous skills.


Learn how to edit a Wiki

We all using this wiki are ought to know how do we edit it. So, you can download a tutorial from HERE.

(This guide is very confusing regarding the difference in formating for bold type versus italic type. Both are shown as a set of three, single quotation marks.)

The guide has been updated and the anomaly been removed. Gaurav 07:48, 14 April 2008 (EDT)

Join The Broken NCERT eBooks Links

Go to India NCERT eBooks to join the broken NCERT Links.

Learn Etoys

OISC targets Etoys as the main platform to develop most of its content. We suggest that you should learn Etoys so that you are able to participate in content development projects.

We have made a video tutorial to teach basics of Etoys.

Download the tutorial from HERE

How to install Etoys on Windows

To learn Etoys or develop content on it, you do not need to have OLPC XO. Just install Etoys plugin from HERE and then download Etoys image in the zip file from HERE.

You can have a look at a completed project HERE.

Spread Awareness - Deliver a Presentation on OLPC

You can deliver presentations about OLPC at schools, colleges, universities, or to your professors separately and help spreading awareness about it. Download the powerpoint file from HERE.

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