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About Me

Hi! I'm Gaurav Chachra. I worked for OLPC as a volunteer during the final year of my undergraduate chemical engineering course. Now I am working with Indian Oil Corporation. Being busy in my job, I'm no longer working for OLPC.

Contact Me

Just send me an email: gaurav.ssc [at] gmail [dot] com

The First Step

As a first step to spread awareness about OLPC in India, I teamed up with two students of my class, Rahul Vats and Bhola Nath and prepared a presentation. We worked together and on February 5th, 2008 we delivered an awareness presentation on OLPC at a seminar in my University. Well... the response was as I expected. The audience showed a lot of interest in OLPC project and many came forward to join the mission.

Following are the main developments that have taken place:

  • A Student Chapter of OLPC India was formed.
  • We delivered presentations at Panjab University (5th Feb), Chandigarh Science Congress (14th March) & IIT Roorkee (28th March)
  • We worked on content development projects for the XO according to the Indian needs.

Visit the OLPC India Student Chapter page to find links to the powerpoint presentation and video of the presentation

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