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^ Overview

x Connections

opportunities, people, engagements


· Artifacts

projects, events, news, materials

  • Creating an activity now works with the inline forms extension, providing a template for new activities and activity summaries.
  • After months of discussion, Semantic MediaWiki and Semantic Forms are now installed on the wiki.

= Fundament

status, deadlines, assumptions, processes

Summer intern projects:

  • Improved database. Words categorized w.r.t to context. Assim Deodia
  • Vision Processing - Massive performance improvements, an average_color function, and example scripts to show how to tie all the functions together. Nirav Patel
  • Integration of speech synthesis - Python parser library for the dot.conf configuration file. Code hosted at googlecode now! Hemant Goyal

Other mentored summer projects/internships :

+ Priorities

milestones, sequences, first and next

o Reflection

review, updates, analysis, feedback

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