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There are a number of related wikis that have content with echoed, mirrorred, or summarized content on this wiki and vice versa.


General transwiki guidelines

  • Preserve attribution and history: when moving material from this wiki to another, be sure to properly attribute the new page. One way is to move its [recent] history to the new talk page and point to its previous history via a link to the old site.
  • Leave a trail on the wiki from which it moves. Even if you redirect links from everywhere within that wiki, others may be linking to the pages in question from their blogs or other external sites; and they'll need at least a soft redirect pointing to the new page.
    One other options is to judiciously use interwiki transclusion. See Template:Transclude and http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Template:Transclude for an example for how that might work.

Specific site transwiki projects

Sugar Labs

The Sugar Labs wiki at sugarlabs.org is a repository for all information related to Sugar as software and a learning platform. Dave Farning is spearheading a project to consolidate refined Sugar pages there, and to point to them from OLPC summary pages here.

Plan to move pages sugar related pages from w.l.o to w.s.o version 0.2

The OLPC software has a number of core modules:

  • SugarModule
  • SugarBaseModule
  • SugarDatastoreModule
  • SugarPresenceServiceModule
  • SugarToolkitModule
  • SugarArtworkModule

Some related material is actively in use here, some is in common use on both sites and would be useful for transclusion (so some mirrorring is be called for), some of it can be sensibly split into Sugar and OLPC sections, and some of it is philosophically about Sugar and its goals and belongs just on the slwiki.

Transwiki process:

in preparation

  • Create 'move request' template at w.l.o.
  • Create 'moved to w.s.o' template at w.l.o.
  • Create 'imported from w.l.o' template at w.s.o.
  • set up interwiki links b/t the two wikis so sugar: and olpc: do the right thing as namespaces

migration steps

  1. Go through the OLPC wiki page by page looking for material related to developing the 6 modules listed above. (working with around 5 pages per batch)
  2. Add a 'request to move template' to original pages at w.l.o.
  3. Export page/history/talk/... from w.l.o this will leave original contents at olpc.
  4. Import pages into correct place on wiki.sl hierarchy. Add 'moved from w.l.o' so editors at w.s.o can make appropriate changes.

after migration

  1. After brief waiting period for comments on (1 week?) update links to original olpc pages with an interwiki link to new location at Sugar Labs.
  2. Add full-page 'contents moved to sister site' template to original page at w.l.o. Similar to template for Help: pages.

At this point, the pages which have been moved to w.s.o will be templated 'moved from' , the original pages at w.l.o will be templated 'moved to' with soft redirect to w.s.o page.

  • pages at w.s.o will be flagged for editing to sugar viewpoint.
  • pages at w.l.o will be flagged for editing to OLPC viewpoint.

For example, for most of the pages in the above modules, the olpc page should include a short description and a link to details; at worst a number of specific subpages can be merged into a higher-level page, but each module will likely still want a couple pages @ olpc.


A number of articles on w.l.o about countries really belong on wp; updates on their educational systems belong on "Education in <countryname>" and the like.

Textbook Revolution

Once we migrate to using semantic mediawiki, we will be sharing data about spcific texts for cihldren and others with textbookrevolution, which would be a better root repository for updates and comments than this wiki. Here we could be a mirror but not a comment aggregator.

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