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OLPC Afghanistan

OLPC Afghanistan team consists of

Salim Hayran gmail' | yahoo

For further information please visit OLPC Afghanistan Wiki, official OLPC Afghnistan website, Official OLPC Afghanistan Dari Weblog or contact implementation team under supervision of the Ministry of Education.

Volunteer Team

Usman and Sohaib both started localization of XO into Dari and Pashto. Usman Mansour for Pashto Language and Sohaib Ebtihaj for Dari Language localization). And did their job voluntarily and efficiently until the OLPC Afghanistan was launched and the team for OLPC Afghanistan was determined and selected on November 19, 2008.

OLPC Afghanistan Team

Here is the OLPC Afghanistan team members with their job specifications.

  1. Afghanistan OLPC project Director ..... Salim Hayran
  2. Deployment Technician .................Mohammad Rafi
  3. Technical Manager .....................Javed Khan

In order to visit the rest of other pictures of Team Building of OLPC Afghanistan visit the OLPC Afghanistan Pictures Album

Waiting for your comments and suggestion in COMMENTS IN OLPC AFGHANISTAN DARI WEBLOG or HERE

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