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OLPC Cambridge includes the Cambridge office folk, and a large number of enthusiastic community members at MIT, Harvard, and the vicinity. People from around Boston come out to a once-monthly (or at latest count tri-weekly) gathering at a coffeeshop in the area; the last was at Starbucks the last week of January.

The OLPC offices host weekly office hours Sundays from 1400 to 1700 EST, and are generally enthusiastic about visitors who want to help out even outside these hours. Drop a line on this page or check the list of #Potential hosts to arrange a visit, or just if you're passing through Boston - it may be a fine occasion for a group dinner in town.


We're by the Kendall T stop on the MBTA Red Line, across the street from the MIT Press Bookstore, and have stolen their how-to-get-there directions - follow them, then just cross the street.) You can also ask Google Maps or the MBTA how to get here via your favorite mode of transport.

10th floor
1 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142

Note that you'll have to have the name or number of someone who works at 1cc to let you in - the doors are locked on nights and weekends, so coordinate your visit with somebody first! See the next section for potential hosts.

Potential hosts

People who work at 1cc and are open to hosting guests - contact them individually to arrange a visit.

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