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leave a message here to get in touch with or ask questions about the OLPC cambridge crew

Designer/Volunteer/Cambridge neighbor interested in learning more.

I have heard bits on and off about the program over several years, especially when I worked in Cambodia at a health NGO. I moved to Cambridge relatively recently and would like to finally take the chance to learn more about what ways I can help support OLPC. I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and teacher. I hope I can help along the lines one of those trades and if not, I'm glad to figure something else out. I'm very much for what you are doing.

I'd like to visit mainly to see the interface possibilities of the XO's - to play around with one - but also to hear the thoughts of someone inside the project on the terms of the OLPC mission.

Whenever is good - I live down the street, by Central.

Thanks, Bennett Grizzard

Please contact me about a local user's/developer's group near Jersey City, NJ. Thanks!

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