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Khairat Upgrade Camp -2 on 4th October,2009

Re-energize Khairat - II is taking place on 4th October,2009. This is basically a upgrade camp to get lot of non-working XO machines right. You don't need to be a computer scientist to participate for this camp. All you need is bring along a USB Stick with you and we will guide you through the process of upgrading XO machines ( no brainer at all )

So here is the agenda :-

a) Upgrading machines to latest Sugar build 0.82 . (I'm not sure if 0.84 can be tried as the site says it is basically for sugar on a stick)

b) The school server is not in a working state. We need to upgrade the OS. We need volunteers for working on it. Please contact amitg@laptop.org if interested. This needs to be finished before we visit Khairat. Someone good in working with linux OS and terminal)

c) Also we are looking for some content( Marathi preferable )to go on school server which can be integrated with moodle

Enrolling Volunteers for Khairat Upgrade Camp-2 on 4th October,2009

Kindly enter your name and email id below :-

a) Amit Gogna amitg AT laptop DOT org
b) Prasad Sankaran prasad.sankaran@relianceada.com
c) Deepam deepsp16 AT gmail DOT com
d) Rekha Sankhala rekha.sankhala@gmail.com
e) Nitin Yadav nitin.yadav.007 AT gmail DOT com
f) Prashant Mahajan prashant3535 AT gmail DOT com (OLPC Pune)
g) Ketan Sonavne (OLPC Pune)
h) Tejas Shah (OLPC Pune)
i) Kedar Badve (OLPC Pune)

Previous Visit Log

Cheers !! Upgraded and Re-Energized the Khairat School, special thanks to Prashant for coming all the way from Pune ! , March 29 from morning 11pm to 3pm, Mumbai Team at work ! Been there done that !!

Enrolling Volunteers for Outreach-Marketing

Kindly enter your name and email id below :-

a) Amit Gogna amitg AT laptop DOT org
b) Harriet Vidyasagar harriet AT laptop DOT org
c) Sachin Kadam isrkadam AT gmail DOT com
d) Rekha Sankhala rekha.sankhala AT gmail DOT com e) Amrita Dhupelia amrita.dhupelia@gmail.com f) Sean Lawrence Roberts seanlawrenceroberts@gmail.com

Tasks to be Carried Out

  • Gathering Information about Various Funding Organizations
  • Presenting the Project to Various Funders
  • Discovering Innovative ways togather Funds for the Project
  • Streamline the funding Process and other details related to funding
  • Various ways to do Marketing
...and much more... 

Who are we?


What do we plan to achieve?

The objectives of the group are simple and listed below

  1. Bring a change into lives of the under privilege children through quality education
  2. Using OLPC technology as powerful resource to empower kids to learn on their own
  3. Prepare them for the bright future
  4. Enable children to empower each other and bring about sharing of information as a means of learning to lead a better tomorrow.

Attendees for the 29th March Visit to Khairat School

  1. Chetlapalli Raghu (OLPC Mumbai)
  2. Amit Gogna (Digital Bridge Foundation)
  3. Sachin Kadam (OLPC Mumbai)
  4. Prashant Mahajan (OLPC Pune)
  5. Pradnya Naik (OLPC Pune)
  6. Deepam (OLPC Mumbai)
  7. Nitin Yadav (OLPC Mumbai)

OLPC Mumbai meet

The first meet was held on March 14, 2009 between 1400-1700 hrs IST at HBCSE and the following things were discussed.

  • OLPC Project Introduction and Introduction of the members present
  • An overview of what the OLPC project is all about through Videos and simple explanations.
  • Addressed the issue of "Why a LAPTOP? .. proving why an "EDUCATION?" to children.
  • Learning from Getting XO Started OLPC Pune Session (http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Getting_Started_XO_Pune_Camp)
  • Address by Prof. Nagarjuna on Why use FOSS for Education ?
  • Sugar - Introduction, Development and Localization
  • Discussing OLPC Mumbai - Structure, Activities
  • OLPC Deployment Mumbai - Roadmap
  • Building Various Communities around Project

Things to COMPLETE

  • Proposal for DOSTI (NGO "educating" kids in the "premnagar" basti of Worli)
    1. Stakeholders
    2. Initial setup and planning
    3. Technology and Infrastructure support and point of contact
    4. Enabling Knowledge transfer sessions to educate teachers to use XO laptop.


1) Amit Gogna (Digital Bridge Foundation) amitg AT laptop DOT org

2) Harriet Vidyasagar (Digital Bridge Foundation) harriet AT laptop DOT org

3) Sapan kadakia (OLPC MUMBAI) sapankadakia AT gmail DOT com

4) Raghu Chetlapalli (OLPC MUMBAI) raghu007 AT gmail DOT com

5) Sameer Joshi (OLPC PUNE) sameer.joshi7887 AT gmail DOT com

6) Prashant Mahajan (OLPC PUNE) prashant3535 AT gmail DOT com

7) Sachin Kadam (OLPC MUMBAI) isrkadam AT gmail DOT com

8) Sankool Shah (OLPC MUMBAI) sankool AT gmail DOT com <tentative>

9) Abhishek Goel(OLPC MUMBAI) abhishek AT omair DOT org

10)Nitin Yadav (OLPC MUMBAI) nitin.yadav.007 AT gmail DOT com

11) Ujwala (Dosti Project)

12) Amit Dhakulkar (HBCSE, TIFR Mumbai) damitr AT gmail DOT com

13) Dev Ranjan Das (BARC, Mumbai) devranjandas AT gmail DOT com

14) Sumit Chowdhury (Digital Bridge Foundation)





18)Deepam, (OLPC Mumbai)

19) Roshan Baladhanvi (Between a Fresher and IT Professional) kubunturos@gmail.com

20) Ganesh Gajare(Student) gnowledge.ganesh DOT gmail.com

21) Hardik Shah (Associate Consultant - CAPGEMINI) www.hardikshah.org

22) Nagarjuna G. (gnowledge.org lab, HBCSE, Mumbai, India.) 23)Vedanti Dahiwalkar( Final year student of E&TC Engineering,Nashik) 24) Kavish Bhambari(Final year student of computer Engineering,Nashik)


OLPC Mumbai Panel

Positions Open :-

OLPC Mumbai - Head - 1 member

Technology Incharge - 2 members

Learning / Pedagogy Incharge - 2 members

Marketing Incharge - 2 members

(The above positions are volunteer based and the selection process would follow on the wiki soon )

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