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Methods for generation

Several ideas for generation of this list. (Manual or auto-generation script?)

  • From Recent Changes, all New pages, and pages with changes greater than 100 characters in week period.
  • Only the Top 10 (or N) pages with largest changes in time period ?
  • Top editors(users), and patterns of pages updated.
  • Top 10 (N) viewed pages, and two links down.. are checked and reported.

Other ideas

  • Self-submit: Users themselves have to enter their project in the news (i.e. when they are ready to announce their work)
  • Only OLPC core staff and selected editors/users update newsletter with what they feel are 'important' updates to wiki.

Pilot work

I've been playing around with some ideas on OLPC:Wiki News/Sandbox.


See also Talk:xoxo and Xoxo/Statistics for some work xavi has been doing along the same lines. --Sj leave me a message 18:48, 13 January 2008 (EST)

Dirakx and Roberto also have ideas that haven't yet been fully implemented. --Sj leave me a message
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